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1 Sep, 2007 By: Thomas Haire, Courtney Beth Pugatch Response

Garrubbo adds, "We wanted to work with Concepts TV because of its decades in 'selling experience.' Of course, the show needed to look good, but it also really needed to sell. Concepts TV is expert at both. We approach every business and product as an international opportunity. Therefore, we had no problem suggesting that 'Hooked on English' start internationally and then work its way back into the United States."


Direct Auto Insurance Purchases Jump to 40%

By Courtney Beth Pugatch ( [email protected])

BALTIMORE — A new study reveals that 40 percent of U.S. adults surveyed would purchase automobile insurance directly via phone, Internet or mail without first consulting an agent, compared to 29 percent in 2003. The study, conducted by Vertis Communications, also found that adults ages 35-49 — a core demographic — are 15 percent more likely than their counterparts in 2003 to make a direct auto insurance purchase without seeing an agent, up from 30 percent in 2003 to 45 percent in 2007.

The 2007 Customer Focus Insurance study also found that young adults, ages 18-24, valued online access to an insurance company, from 2 percent in 2003 to 9 percent in 2007. This same age group appreciated having 24/7 access to an insurance company, citing it as the most critical service, noting an increase to 29 percent in 2007 from 23 percent in 2003.

"Today's consumer, particularly Generations X and Y, have become accustomed to accessing information through various media, and it's no surprise that the insurance industry has turned to new methods for selling its services to a wide range of consumers,"said Jim Litwin, vice president of market insights at Vertis Communications.

Other interesting information revealed from the study showed that 37 percent of Hispanic adults surveyed indicated they felt accessibility to an insurance company is the most important service one can provide, compared to just 27 percent of non-Hispanic adults. Conversely, non-Hispanic adults placed more value on prompt insurance claim payments than Hispanic adults – 19 percent versus 10 percent respectively.

Vertis Communications' Customer Focus Insurance study was conducted with more than 2,000 people via telephone.

MTV Networks to Measure Commercial Viewing Second-by-Second

NEW YORK — Viacom's MTV Networks has signed a deal with TNS Media Research to monitor its commercial and content programming. The data will aid executives in understanding what does and doesn't work for the station, giving better insight to what viewers are looking for.

Colleen Fahey Rush, MTV Networks' executive vice president of research, told Advertising Age that MTV is interested to see if commercial viewing is different in primetime or late night, or if certain types of commercials at the beginning of a break create a higher-rated break.

MTV Networks will leverage aggregated and anonymous set-top box data from more than 300,000 digital subscriber households in the Los Angeles market. TNS Media Research will analyze and report second-by-second data, including specific spots within a block of commercials, as well as the commercials within a program.

"MTV Networks is a cutting-edge company across the board, in terms of its programming, advertising and marketing," said Bud Breheney, senior vice president for sales and business development at TNS Media Research. "Along those same lines, TNS is forward-looking in our methods of audience measurement. We are pleased to work with MTV Networks as the drive to measure and understand consumer behavior is a common thread that weaves our companies together."

Internet, TV Fuel Ad Economy

By Courtney Beth Pugatch ( [email protected])

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