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1 Mar, 2007 By: Thomas Haire, Courtney Beth Pugatch Response

"With the cost of an average 30-second Super Bowl spot reaching $2.6 million, marketers are under the gun to prove the effectiveness of their advertisements," said Peter Hershberg, managing partner of Reprise Media. "An effective search marketing campaign can close the loop, making an immediate connection with interested people and directing them to Web sites that complete the experience in a quantifiable way."


Bassett Says InPulse Helps Drive Midwest Center's Business


By Thomas Haire (

David Bassett is president of the Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety, a long-time success story in the direct response advertising business. Though he and his wife, Lucinda — the face and voice of the Midwest Center — live and work in Southern California, the company is based in Oak Harbor, Ohio. Since 1994, the company has teamed with InPulse Response Group in Scottsdale, Ariz., which handles the very specialized type of caller the Midwest Center campaigns draw. Recently, Response spoke with Bassett about the relationship between his business and the team at InPulse.

Q. What is the history of the relationship between the Midwest Centers and InPulse? How did the relationship start and what keeps it so strong?

A. Lucinda and I moved to Southern California in 1994, and soon after we met with the people at Hooked on Phonics. They recommended we switch to lead generation and use a dedicated sales force like they were using. We were the first outside client to use its internal call center. Hooked on Phonics eventually closed its outside call center, and several of the people from Hooked on Phonics were part of the startup team at InPulse (then known as the AfterMarket Co.), and I decided to stay with them and have InPulse handle our calls. What keeps the relationship strong is the passion that the dedicated reps have for what we do together. Also, the senior management team has an in-depth understanding of our business model, our customer profile, and our overall strategy. Our business happens on the phone — one-to-one. We are dependent on the reps providing a good customer experience on every phone call. There are more than 25,000 every week.

Q. What is the Midwest Centers' biggest need from a teleservices perspective? How does InPulse answer that need with its services?

A. Our center must properly handle the calls — 24/7 — from all forms of media, including large call spikes from unscheduled short-form media. InPulse/West provides more than 600 trained sales reps for our account alone. InPulse excels at call routing structures that maximize the number of calls sent to the best performing reps, while also ensuring that large spikes are properly handled. This provides a strong balance between call handling and sales performance, enabling us to maximize front-end sales revenue.

Q. Can you speak about the most successful campaign you've worked on together?

A. The inbound Attacking Anxiety and Depression Campaign has done over $1 billion dollars in sales revenue. Over 80 percent of people with anxiety and depression go misdiagnosed and mistreated. This is and will continue to be our primary focus.

Q. What does the future of the relationship between Midwest Centers and InPulse hold?

A. The Midwest Center is committed to providing the most cost-and time-efficient cognitive-behavioral based solutions — solutions that foster strength, character and self-empowerment. InPulse is a mission-critical partner in helping us meet our mission. We simply would not exist as a company without this relationship.


Infomercial Fraud Gets Man Year In Jail


By Courtney Beth Pugatch (

PHILADELPHIA — A man who pleaded guilty to participating in a $40 million television infomercial fraud scheme was sentenced to one year and one day in prison on Jan. 31.

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