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1 Sep, 2005 By: Thomas Haire, Nicole Urso Reed, Doug Garnett Response

Advertisers get the most impact by understanding the psychology of their customers. "While demographics are fundamental, my clients need to know what makes people who buy from TV different from those who don't," Roberts says. "They need to know connections between TV-watching behavior and TV-purchase behavior. They need to know the difference between regular TV buyers and casual TV buyers. And, most importantly, they need to know how DRTV influences retail purchase behavior — DRTV's biggest impact."

Roberts suggests that the research's second role should be to look for new opportunities (i.e. new ways to make money). "For example, what categories would thrive when driven by DRTV but are untapped today?' she asks. "And, along the same lines, what existing products might take off when supported by DRTV? Along new lines, do higher priced products ($300 or higher) succeed with infomercials more often than lower priced products ($69 or under) as our experience and financial analysis suggest? Answers to these questions could help DRTV explode."


Research Leads to DRTV's Future


Research must stimulate change — whether those changes are at a broad strategic level or guiding the 10,000 tiny decisions that make the difference between ineffective and exceptional DRTV advertising.

ERA's research work is critical to our industry's success. So ERA's challenge is to make it more useful — to improve it until it delivers the inspired and exceptional insight that can drive DRTV's growth.

"Fortunately, even small research projects that pursue these issues could make a difference. If ERA continues its efforts and focuses on the issues that build DRTV, in time they could make radical changes that serve this industry well. And in the process, I think they'd lead the way to higher success rates with fewer failures. I look forward to the next round," concludes Roberts.


Ronco Inventions Acquired by Fi-Tek Inc.


By Nicole Urso

CHATSWORTH, Calif.-Ronco Inventions, a leading provider of branded housewares products sold via DRTV, was acquired by Fi-Tek Inc. and is now a publicly traded company under the name Ronco Corp.

Ronco Inventions founder Ron Popeil founded his company in the 1960s and demonstrated his kitchen and home products in department stores before migrating into the burgeoning industry of direct response long-and short-form advertising. Some of the most popular brands from Ronco include the Pocket Fisherman, Mr. Microphone, Veg-o-Matic, Food Dehydrator, Pasta Maker, the Six-Star Plus Cutlery Set and the famous Showtime Rotisserie Grill. In the past six years, Popeil has sold more than $2 billion worth of products via DRTV to more than 6 million unique customers.

 Ronco Inventions founder Ron Popeil
Ronco Inventions founder Ron Popeil

Ronco's management team, led by Richard F. Allen, Sr., will remain intact and Popeil will oversee the company as a marketing and creative consultant for the next three years.

"Over the past 45 years, Ron Popeil has brought his products into millions of homes," said Allen. "Along the way, Ronco has become part of American culture with innovation, quality and value."


Garnett, Potter Join Response Editorial Advisory Board


SANTAANA, Calif. — Response Magazine, the only independent source of news and information for direct response marketers, welcomes Doug Garnett of Atomic Direct and industry veteran Don Potter to its EditorialAdvisory Board.

Doug Garnett
Doug Garnett

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