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1 Sep, 2003 By: Thomas Haire, Norm Goldring, Michael Kokernak Response

Peter Vogt is founder and president of Videa Inc. in Houston. He can be reached via E-mail at [email protected]


Members of Blue Man Group Transform Into 'Chef O'Matics'

LAS VEGAS - Three members of the famous Blue Man Group percussion stage performers have shed their patented all-blue on-stage persona to make an appearance in a new infomercial for the Chef O'Matic cooking machine. The show was produced by Las Vegas-based Ben Kalb Productions and is being marketed internationally by Industex SL of Barcelona.



"We put three of them in white chef's outfits, turquoise blue chef's hats, call them the 'Chef O'Matics' and let them do what they do best," says Ben Kalb, who shot the 30-minute show in Las Vegas and Phoenix. "I always like to add a little entertainment value to my shows, but the entertainment must still directly tie in with a selling benefit, or it serves no purpose. Each time the 'Chef O'Matics' appear, it's to illustrate a specific sales point, and they do it very humorously and convincingly."

The trio appear three times during the show - leading off each of the infomercial's three pods. Blue Man Group is a nationally known, Grammy-winning comedic performance art and percussionist troupe that has shows running continuously in New York, Boston, Chicago and Las Vegas. The Chef O'Matic appears to be a bread maker from all visual cues, but has actually been programmed to cook everything from meats and poultry to desserts.


John Stones, InPulse Response Group

John Stones is founder and executive vice president of Phoenix-based InPulse Response Group. Recently, Response was able to chat with Stones about his background and what's coming up for the company.



Response: How long have you been with InPulse?

John Stones: The company is eight years old, and was formerly known as The AfterMarket Co. Steve Pittendrigh started it as a consulting company, which then moved into generating revenue for the back end of projects. We initially did outbound marketing to customer lists. That business formed basis of our seed capital. Steve brought me on board to seed the inbound side of the business.



Response: Can you briefly describe your job duties with the company?

Stones: My first task was to locate our sales centers. The company was based in California. In Phoenix, we found an excellent telecom infrastructure and employee base for teleservices. Before moving in we met with the Arizona Department of Commerce, and after those discussions, we felt we could draw on that excellent base.



Response: How did you come into the DRTV industry?

Stones: I fell into it. In 1988, I came to the United States to build a construction company with my brother-in-law. At the time, California construction was not doing so well. So, I ended up working on phones at Hooked on Phonics. I did so well so fast, I was taken off the phones to head up training and then sales centers. Moving on to work with Steve was a great choice. I spent my first seven years here educating the industry about the positive of generating sales with a teleservices partner.

Industry Legend Mike Levey Dies
Industry Legend Mike Levey Dies



Response: What are your plans for the future at InPulse?

Stones: Our focus is on clients' needs and wants. That's what our new name is about - we want to be 'in pulse' with our clients' objectives. We've totally retooled our client relationships department - including adding Roxie Westphal as new vice president of inbound client relationships. The team understands the requirements of client campaigns. With the opening of our Mesa (Ariz.) phone center, which has in excess of 500 seats, we can handle big guys in the industry.


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