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1 Jul, 2004 By: Response Contributor Response

What Motivates Consumers to Purchase Through Direct Response?

Of the venues tested, home shopping purchasers are most likely to claim the product they purchased was actually better than they expected. Not surprisingly, home shopping purchasers are extremely loyal to this shopping venue, with four in five claiming they will "definitely or probably" purchase via home shopping again. While most home shopping purchases are considered impulsive, two-thirds of buyers say home shopping is more convenient than shopping in a store. Up-sells are rare for this venue when compared to radio or infomercial purchasing experiences — with only half of purchasers being offered another product, and just 40 percent of those actually buying the extra product. According to the findings, this channel also suffers from an image problem with non-purchasers, who believe that home shopping purchasers are addicted to shopping and spend much time watching TV late at night. The study concludes that education, with an emphasis on security, fraud and the ability to get more information from a live telephone representative, is crucial to turn non-purchasers into purchasers.

TV Infomercials - Room for Improvement

Consumer Characteristics

18- to 34-Year-Old Female

Single, With Children

Less Educated; Living on an Income of $50,000-$99,000 a year

Of all the channels tested, infomercials received the lowest marks in customer satisfaction with purchasers more likely to be disappointed in their buying experience than those measured in the other outlets. In fact, for those surveyed who rated their experience as "fair or poor," the majority have encountered a bad experience in the past. However despite this claim, 60 percent of respondents stated that shopping via infomercials is still better than in a store and more than 75 percent say they will "definitely or probably" purchase via TV infomercials again. Overall, the message of convenience resonates throughout the findings and continues to make this method of shopping a preferred one.

 Advantages of Using Shopping Method (by purchasers)
Advantages of Using Shopping Method (by purchasers)

Up-sells also are very successful with these purchasers, with three in four being offered another product during the sale, and more than 65 percent purchasing the additional product. However, there is an image problem for this outlet, as non-purchasers see those who purchase from infomercials as being "shop-a-holics," who are pressed for time and up all night. Among non-purchasers, the biggest hurdles are the inability to examine the product prior to purchase and potential difficulty for return. The results do suggest that by educating non-purchasers on these issues, they can be turned into purchasers. On an unique positive note, over a quarter of respondents enjoy shopping via infomercials because they believe that they are acquiring merchandise that cannot be obtained in stores and therefore, are likely to continue.

Internet Commerce - Calculated and Satisfied

Consumer Characteristics

Penetrates Almost All Demographic Segments

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