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17 Sep, 2010 By: Thomas Haire Response

As Seen on TV Inc. Launches Industry-Wide iPhone App Sales Platform
By Thomas Haire (

SOUTH PASADENA, Calif. — As Seen on TV Inc., a mobile sales platform provider for marketers in the exploding As Seen on TV products space, announces Apple’s final approval of its new As Seen on TV Official App — the official iPhone sales app for the As Seen on TV market. The app is now available for free on Apple’s iTunes App Store and will also soon be available for other smartphones, including Blackberry and Android.

“As Seen on TV Inc. has been working on creating the right mobile commerce solution, specific to the DRTV industry, for almost a year,” says Brad Feldman, CEO of As Seen on TV Inc. “The company was formed to address the growing need marketers have in how best to maintain control over their own mobile sales channel, while being challenged with the current app environment that requires significant audience scale.”

Early in the process of developing the app, Feldman met with BJ Fazeli, founder and leader of Irvine, Calif.-based BJ Global Direct, marketers of the successful DRTV Kymaro brand, among other products. “We have been looking at possibilities for a third screen for direct response — the mobile device screen — for some time, and in meeting with Brad earlier this year, his background in launching Internet and mobile businesses, as well as the back-end capabilities of the app and the power the platform could bring to the entire direct response marketing business, made us a very early adopter and supporter of the As Seen on TV Official App.”

Feldman adds, “BJ was really a step ahead of other marketers we met with and has been a champion and pioneer of what we’re looking to accomplish for the entire industry from the get-go.”

According to the company, marketers selling products through the new app will now have “groundbreaking” control over selling products directly to consumers via a mobile device. With mobile commerce expected to overtake online commerce in the coming years — Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker, one of the leading experts on mobile and Internet technology, predicts mobile Internet users will outnumber desktop Internet users by 2014 and says adoption of mobile Internet today is outstripping early Internet adoption in the 1990s at a rate of 11-to-one — As Seen on TV Inc. focused on creating a mobile commerce platform for the DRTV industry that puts the control of product sales firmly back into the hands of the marketer.

Fazeli says, “Android smart phones are now outselling the iPhone. The latest reports indicate that 175,000 Androids are being sold daily in the U.S., accounting for 32 percent of market share. iPhone has hit 28 percent market share (more than 52 million sold to date), so between just those two technologies, an app that works with both technologies soon will cover 60 percent of the U.S. mobile market.”

Feldman talks at length about developing everything from a technology platform to a business and operational model that keeps marketers in control of their own products and customer service while making it simple to add an incremental sales channel to their existing business. He contends, “Whereas the Internet provides a platform for single product sales, to gain true efficiency and generate significant sales with mobile requires a focus on an app that has scale among consumers. Creating a standardized platform for the industry enables true consumer scale, which results in significantly greater revenue for everyone that participates.”

With marketers and products like BJ Global, Kymaro, Grill Daddy, Supple, Rapid Lash and others as part of the initial app launch, As Seen on TV Inc. has brought together some of the best-known marketers in the As Seen on TV space to form the industry’s top new sales platform. While As Seen on TV Inc. is marketing the app nationwide, the company expects that the App logo will become a mainstay of the call-to-action screen for every direct response product — “Call now, visit our Web site or click on the Official App to buy.” Says Feldman, “It will be much easier to explain to all my non-DRTV friends and family what I’ve been up to when I can point at the TV and say, ‘See! There it is!’”

Marketers are excited about the possibilities provided by the app, especially given a recent study by Experian that predicts more than one in eight E-commerce sales this holiday season will come via a mobile platform. “As a fast-growing brand, we are always looking for cutting-edge ways to increase our visibility, as well as make it easier for our customers to learn about and purchase our product,” says Rapid Lash’s Scot Tatelman. “It’s clear that consumers these days want things a bit easier for them. By taking out the trip to the store, or even hopping online, and making our product available on their mobile phones enables us to be that much more accessible.”

Peter Apatow, CEO and founder of Supple LLC, adds, “A mobile sales app will be a tremendous guerrilla marketing tool. It is perhaps the most effective way for people to share their positive experiences with products, and in turn, potentially benefit from the referral. Customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. Providing exceptional customer service requires communicating with consumers using their preferred technologies in the new mobile generation.”

Response, OrderMotion Team Up to Create MediaMotion

SANTA ANA, Calif. and BOSTON — Award-winning technology company OrderMotion and the only independent DR industry trade publication, Response Magazine, have combined research forces to create MediaMotion, an easy-to-use joint media research tool for the DRTV industry.

The product created by the joint project helps users explore both long-form and short-form DRTV media spending from various angles beginning in 2006 through the most current reported statistics in Response.

“We’re delighted to use our direct response campaign management technology to create this dynamic, new analytical tool to foster insight and growth in our industry,” says Marty Fahey, CEO of OrderMotion. “The fact that Response Magazine embraced the opportunity to partner with OrderMotion on this endeavor speaks volumes about their commitment to innovation.”

The data for the project was derived from Response’s monthly media summaries for the periods referenced. Long-form data is collected and analyzed by the staff of Response, while short-form data is provided by Kantar Media to Response for analysis.

“We’re thrilled to combine our research results with OrderMotion’s tracking technology to give our readers a new way to look at and compare DRTV media spending results,” says Thomas Haire, editor-in-chief of Response. “The ability for users of MediaMotion to break down media billings information in so many different ways will only benefit DR marketers in the coming months and years.”

Visit MediaMotion today at:


SF Video Expands Green Options to Meet Customer Demand
By Thomas Haire (

SAN FRANCISCO — SF Video, a global source for DVD and CD duplication, replication and copying, is seeing increased demand for its environmentally conscious green products, including the EcoDisc, a product that uses 50-percent less polycarbonate, yet is strong, flexible and durable. The EcoDisc offers all of the same advantages and functionalities of traditional optical discs and is available in the DVD format. Since the EcoDisc is free of toxic bonder, it is also easily recyclable.

In addition to the EcoDisc, SF Video is offering a number of options for disc packaging that adhere to rigid green standards, including: the use of recycled paper stocks consisting of 50 to 100 percent recycled materials; FSC-certified paper stock is used when non-recycled paper is not; varnish, whether matte, gloss or satin, that is water-based and biodegradable; and 100% biodegradable disc trays that are vegetable-based and a green alternative to plastics.

Steven Feinberg, SF Video’s president remarks, “Progressive marketers are embracing green solutions as part of their best practices because we all want to preserve the planet for future generations. We’re not just marketers — we’re parents and grandparents too.”


Summer Bash Draws Another Packed House of DR Networkers
By Thomas Haire (

IRVINE, Calif. — The Direct Response Marketing Alliance (DRMA), Response Magazine and BJ Global Direct teamed to host more than 150 industry professionals at the first-ever DRMA Summer Bash on July 29 at Shady Canyon Country Club.

“It was a thrill to team up with BJ and Shady Canyon Country Club to host our inaugural Summer Bash,” says John Yarrington, co-founder of the DRMA. “The beautiful grounds of Shady Canyon and the fantastic quality of Fazeli Cellars wines set just the right mood for a laid-back summer evening of networking and fun.”

Event sponsors included Mercury Media, Venable and Third House Productions. It was just the latest packed-house networking event on the DRMA calendar. The next event is this month — the DRMA Marketer of the Year networking event, set for Sept. 22 at HAZE at Las Vegas’ CityCenter.


In Memoriam
David Singer, Founder of Diamond Media
By Thomas Haire (

MILFORD, Conn. — David Singer, a DRTV media industry veteran of more than 20 years and owner of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Diamond Media & Marketing since its founding in 1992, died of a heart attack on July 31. He was 49.

As a leader of one of the longest-running DRTV media agencies, Singer was known for his keen business sense, great sense of humor and a particularly great ear for imitating voices. He was also very involved in his local community. After living in Phoenix for more than 30 years, he had recently moved to Connecticut, where he became a mentor for the Children’s Community Programs of Connecticut in New Haven. He was also deeply involved with the Simchat Yisrael Messianic Jewish Congregation in West Haven, Conn.

Singer is survived by his wife, Cora Chateauneuf Singer, sons Aaron and André, daughter Rebecca, brother Brian, father Jerry and his father’s wife, Rita.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks for charitable contributions be made in Singer’s name to: Children’s Community Programs of Connecticut, 446A Blake St., Suite 100, New Haven, CT 06515; Simchat Yisrael Messianic Jewish Congregation, 870 First Ave., West Haven, CT 06516; or your local American Heart Association.

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