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1 Oct, 2009 By: Thomas Haire, Jacqueline Renfrow Response

Known to embrace kitsch — it's video for the song "Buddy Holly" in 1994 inserted the band into old footage from an episode of "Happy Days," while a video for its more recent hit "Pork and Beans" was based on spoofing a number of popular YouTube videos — the band initially partook in the Snuggie craze by wearing the "blanket with sleeves" on stage for a May 16 concert in Irvine, Calif.

"That show in Irvine got a lot of coverage — there was even a Rolling Stone online story about the band in Snuggies," Field says. "We definitely took notice that this was something different and outside the norm. And the guys really liked the product. It was then that we decided to talk to Allstar."

Anne Flynn, Allstar's director of marketing, fielded the initial call. "Anne couldn't have been more open to the idea," Field says. "When she took the idea to the staff, they went nuts! Thankfully, Allstar has a lot of Weezer fans on the team."

Flynn says, "Weezer approached Allstar to utilize our Snuggie brand to promote its new album. We thought Weezer was the perfect for the brand as Snuggie is likeable, fun and does not take itself too seriously."

The 120-second spot filmed at the shoot, handled by Santa Ana, Calif.-based production house Script to Screen, is "essentially a shot-for-shot" remake of the original Snuggie ad, featuring the band's members in place of the original actors. "Instead of the book light as the 'add-on' product, the band's new CD will be offered to those interested in the Weezer Snuggie," Field says.

Flynn says, "We initiated talks between Script to Screen and the band, as they are huge fans of the band and wanted to be involved in the project. Their passion for music coupled with their high-quality work, as well as location in Southern California, also made them a perfect partner for this project."

Tony Kerry, CMO of Script to Screen says, "In just about a year, DRTV made Snuggie a cultural icon," he adds. "The fact that a successful band like Weezer wants to market its own Snuggie is a testimony to the true power of direct response."

As part of a licensing deal between the band and Allstar, Flynn adds, "Allstar will be supplying the band with 'official' Snuggie product to sell on its Web site. We like to be on the cutting edge with different marketing venues and, to our knowledge, this is the first time DRTV has been incorporated with a mainstream music group."

Field says the band, led by lead singer and songwriter Rivers Cuomo, is excited for the debut of the DRTV spot and plans on selling the Weezer Snuggie at merchandise stands during an upcoming tour in December and January.

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About the Author: Thomas Haire

Thomas Haire

About the Author: Jacqueline Renfrow

Thomas Haire

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