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En Español: Top 6 Tips for Hispanic Media Buying

1 Jan, 2011 By: Alex Agurcia Response

What you need to know about expanding your reach to the U.S. Hispanic market.

The U.S. Hispanic population is booming, and multiple sources confirm that concurrent U.S. Hispanic and English campaigns can raise overall multi-cultural direct response campaign success rates to as much as 50 percent. Today, we know that a well designed Hispanic media campaign can drive substantial gains in English Web site traffic — as much as 90 percent of Web sales driven by U.S. Hispanic media are done on English language sites — so marketers and retailers alike are scrambling to place their stake in the market.

But while these campaigns are delivering high-performance results, the media buying landscape has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. We have seen the number of Hispanic networks grow to more than 50, with multiple networks targeting specific segments of the population.

Despite this growth — or because of it — it has become increasingly complex to optimize a media buying plan in the U.S. Hispanic market. Now more than ever, it is necessary to evaluate your campaign relative to this target audience before leaping in.

Pick the Right Partner and Establish a Strategy

Ask established experts in Hispanic DR about whether your product, category, creative and other campaign components will resonate with the market. Most likely, there have been similar products and/or services sold in the market, and your media partner should be able to tell you something about each one’s media spend, offers, positioning and more. A solid media budget should be in place after validating your go-to-market strategy and discussing market nuances with an experienced partner.

Set Goals

Are you looking to generate leads? Push sales? Establish recall and support retail? What are your goal cost-per-order and your required ROI on media? Establishing your metrics of success upfront is essential to creating the best media plan from the start, even in the test phase.

Understand the Market

Catering to Hispanic consumers requires a more hands-on, relationship-driven approach. You need to work with a specialist whose core competency is targeting and understanding this audience. Larger general market agencies often do not have the relationships in place to get you the best deal with U.S. Hispanic media outlets, nor do they understand what drives Hispanic consumers to buy or the back-end elements that make the difference between a high performance campaign and one that performs poorly.

Understand Media Availability and Impact

Inventory availability for U.S. Hispanic media does not necessarily follow the same trends as in the English market, and therefore should not always follow the same buying patterns. Major Hispanic-focused events, such as the World Cup and certain news stories, will have a bigger impact on Hispanic buying than English. Also, two-minute and other short-form avails are often very limited on larger Spanish language networks but can often be obtained on smaller ethnic cable stations.

The Offer Matters

Offers that work in the U.S. English market won’t necessarily work with the U.S. Hispanic audience. For example, Hispanic audiences react much better to a “free” offer than to a “bonus” offer. The use of trial offers can be just as effective in Spanish as in English, but the wording is usually very different to increase the amount of inbound calls and optimize conversions. There are dozens of nuances that can affect the performance of the media buy.

Stay Open to New Strategies and Channels

Hispanics buy retail items that are “As Seen on TV” at a disproportionately higher rate, and they are more brand-loyal than their English market counterparts. These are potentially groundbreaking considerations for using Hispanic DR media to drive continuity sales. Working with an experienced U.S. Hispanic marketing partner, you should be able to evaluate whether radio, Web, print and other channels will be effective growth strategies for your category and Hispanic demographic. ■

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