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Direct Response Marketing

Empowering Consumers

11 Jul, 2010 By: Jackie Jones Response

Marketers find direct response campaigns shine brightest when spotlighting usergenerated content on social media sites.


Technology Is a Marketer’s Best Tool

As technology continues to become more user-friendly, many industry insiders expect the spotlight on consumer creativity in direct response marketing campaigns to increase as time goes on.

“As more computers are coming standard with Web cams, it’s easy for anyone to create something great,” says Mike Kochansky, media manager for Thoughtful Media, who has seen a great increase recently in user-generated content on campaigns he’s managed. “Brands are utilizing this because it generates a great amount of brand awareness. Users create these videos, then tell friends and family to watch them online. It’s a good way for companies to generate mass brand awareness on a much larger scale.”

If larger companies continue to embrace user-generated content in marketing campaigns, it’s likely the smaller brands will follow, Kochansky says.

“Smaller companies might be afraid to take that leap because they don’t know how much of an impact they are going to have and don’t want to throw all this money into a campaign. But once smaller brands see the success bigger brands like Coke have with it, it will get even more popular,” he says.

Handing over creative control to users familiar with social media and entertainment sites like YouTube seems to be a win-win for both marketers and consumers alike. Throughout various campaigns, marketers continue to report consumers delivering with better-than-expected results.

“This is the way of the future for advertising because it’s allowing people to connect with brands on a more direct basis and see their actual impact, as well,” Kochansky says.

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