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Media Zone: Why Mobile + DRTV = Success

1 Jul, 2012 By: Timothy R. Hawthorne Response

FiTimothy Hawthorneve reasons why DRTV and mobile make such a great pair.

If there’s one thing that the technological revolution has taught us, it’s that direct response television pairs up well with most new tools, processes or advertising methods that are thrown at it. Of course, early on there’s usually talk about cannibalism and a pressing fear that one advertising methodology will overtake another (don’t get me wrong: this can happen). So far, however, DRTV is holding its own and proving to be one of the more compatible advertising mechanisms available to marketers today.

Mobile is a great example of how nicely DRTV plays with others. With more than 50 percent of Americans now toting smartphones, according to a March 2012 Nielsen survey, the opportunity to reach out and touch consumers directly through their mobile devices is hotter than ever right now. And because DRTV naturally incorporates the same “direct touch” that mobile is famous for, QR codes, location-based apps, relevant text messaging and proximity-based marketing are all great choices for anyone who has invested heavily in a DRTV campaign and wants to leverage that investment across other mediums.

Here are five more reasons why mobile and DRTV equal success:

  1. Both mediums center on response. Every infomercial and short-form campaign is tightly focused on generating consumer response. Mobile shares this passion by provoking smartphone users to click hyperlinks, visit landing pages and otherwise respond to the short mobile messages. It’s almost a match made in heaven.
  2. Mobile provides a direct link to the Web. It’s not always easy to get a TV viewer to key in a URL on a laptop and access a product landing page. However, it’s infinitely easier to have that same viewer click on a URL and take a peek at a mobile site. Within a second, he or she can learn more about that exercise or housewares product and make an instant purchasing decision — all from a Droid, iPhone or Blackberry.
  3. Both DRTV and mobile are traceable. DRTV has historically stood out from general advertising for its ability to track consumer response and participation. Mobile has similar capabilities as marketers use analytics to see how recipients are responding (or not), at what points they are buying, and at which junctures they are “dropping off.” Like DRTV, mobile campaigns can be tweaked on the fly and honed to achieve the best possible response.
  4. You can hit your customers anywhere, anytime. Here’s where mobile really proves its worth for DR marketers. Unlike DRTV, which is largely segmented to certain time slots and television networks, mobile operates in a 24/7 environment. It picks up where DRTV leaves off by “filling in” during those times when the consumer feels ready to buy, even when not sitting in front of the TV or the computer.
  5. Mobile integrates well with social media. Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites attract a lot of eyeballs. Harnessing those prospective customers is easier when mobile campaigns are introduced to the mix and integrated with the most popular social media options. Today’s tech-savvy consumers — millennials in particular — won’t fire up a PC to check out Facebook corporate pages, but they will peruse those options on their smartphones while riding the subway or sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room.

These are just a few reasons why the marriage of DRTV and mobile is a match made for the ages. As more mobile tools and technologies are introduced in the next year or two, expect that union to become even tighter. After all, both mechanisms are firmly focused on generating consumer response. With that common goal in mind, it’s no wonder that the DRTV world has welcomed this newest entrant on the advertising scene with open arms.

About the Author: Timothy R. Hawthorne

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