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AJ Khubani

AJ Khubani
TeleBrands Corp.

AJ Khubani founded TELEBrands Corp. in 1983 with his life-savings of $20,000. This year, TELEBrands is celebrating its 30th anniversary in business and is thriving as a nearly $1 billion marketing giant well known for such hit products as the PedEgg, OrGreenic, Pocket Hose, AeroKnife, Rabbit TV, InstaBulb, Trusty Cane, Who Knew and Great Kitchen Secrets. During its first four years in business, TELEBrands used direct response television advertising to build its brand, however Khubani realized the true potential of bringing products to storefronts. In 1987, after an initial infomercial, Khubani brought the first “infomercial” product to retail. The now iconic AmberVision Sunglasses were sold at New Jersey-based Herman’s Sporting Goods and was a retail success, selling out within days — reaching $150 million worth of sales in the product’s lifetime. In addition to being the first to bring these products to retail, Khubani is also credited with designing the famous red “As Seen on TV” logo.

Using DRTV to build brands, TELEBrands’ products are placed in every major retail chain including Wal-Mart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Walgreens, as well as Petco, AutoZone and 7-11. Khubani has become a media regular with a multitude of appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News and more. He travels across the country with TELEBrands Inventors Days, meeting at-home inventors via consumer product pitch-a-thons. In 2009, TELEBrands received Vendor of the Year Awards from Target Stores and CVS Pharmacy, alongside such legendary companies as Procter & Gamble and AstraZeneca. In his spare time, AJ raises money for Children’s Hope India, serves on the Business Advisory Board at Montclair State University and Chairs the Entrepreneurial Engineering program at Princeton University.