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Learning Center

30 Apr, 2014 | 10:30am - 3:30pm | Sapphire Ballroom, end of aisle 700

Learning Center

The Expo Hall Floor is the heart-and-soul of any trade event — and Response Expo is no different! The voice of the supply chain in the direct, digital and data-driven marketplace is as crucial as ever. That’s why we’ve created the DRMA Learning Center, where attendees can gain more information on the key services in the market from the leading providers. The DRMA Learning Center will feature a series of 20-minute presentations led by industry veterans, offering best practices and real-life case studies.


Wednesday, April 30
10:30-11:00 a.m. STiKi
11:15-11:45 a.m. NetSuite
Noon-12:30 p.m. Blue Vase Marketing LLC
1:30-2:00 p.m.  Swipe Payment Solutions
2:15-2:45 p.m.  Unitel Performance Marketing
3:00-3:30 p.m. Hawthorne Direct


Presented by STiKi
Speaker: Robin Shapiro
Robin Shapiro is a Harvard Law graduate who left a big-firm law practice to build several successful start-up businesses. His latest venture, STiKi, offers direct marketers a simple-yet-powerful tool that boosts TV and radio ad response rates. Developed in-house to solve a lead-generation problem in one of Shapiro’s own businesses, STiKi now helps all kinds of advertisers generate more leads. With STiKi, prospects can respond to ads by “text” even when the time isn’t right for a phone call. Because an easy-to-remember mnemonic short-code (“TODAY” or “RADIO”) is always used in the broadcast call-to-action, consumers can actually remember what to do and how to respond. And that means more leads for the same media dollars. STiKi is TCPA compliant because the text response is always consumer-initiated. With no upfront costs, advertisers pay only for results, making STiKi a turnkey, risk-free solution. To learn more about this simple consumer-initiated engagement tool that drives more leads for the same media dollars, text “MORE” to destination “TODAY” (86329).
NetSuite Realizing the Value and Efficiency of Order Management in a Direct Marketing World
Speaker: Sanjay Mehta, Vertical Marketing Expert Lead, Commerce
Enter the DRMA Learning Center to explore the value of extending seamlessly orchestrated order management across all of your channels, while leveraging customer order information to help fuel personalized direct marketing based on your insights into customer interests, purchase history and channel preference. You’ll learn how leading direct marketers are meeting customer demands while increasing customer satisfaction with robust self-service order management that supplies full visibility into all transactions. We’ll cover how you can improve fulfillment speed and accuracy to support customer retention, helping ensure your direct marketing acquisition and conversion investments pay long-term dividends. Finally, get insights into using order history and what others in the market segment purchased for direct marketing offers targeted to each customer based on purchase probability, as well as running continuity and subscription programs that provide a strong recurring revenue stream. You’ll come away with an understanding of why effective order management is increasingly a make-or-break factor for direct marketers in our age of the empowered customer.
Pay Attention to Your Business — by Asking Questions
How to ask yourself, your employees and your business partners the right questions.
Speaker: Michael Alden, author of “Ask More Get More”; President & CEO
Michael Alden, Esq., shares his insights into every aspect of the DR business — from legal to accounting and sales to customer service and everything in between. Learn from his successes and failures how he has made asking the right questions the cornerstone of his business: Ask more, get more. Alden, president & CEO of Blue Vase Marketing, has more than 15 years of experience in the direct response industry. He is a host and direct response marketing expert on infomercials seen by thousands weekly around the globe. Alden’s new book, “Ask More Get More,” is a pragmatic and simple self-help guide for how to earn more, save more and live more … just by asking. The strategies in his book, combined with the values taught in the book “The Go Getter,” have rocketed Blue Vase Marketing from a 2009 start-up to become a premier direct response firm, ranked on Inc. Magazine’s list of the Fastest Growing Companies in America. Alden holds a J.D. from Suffolk University and a B.S. in political science from Springfield College.
The Latest Credit Card Processing Changes
Speaker: Curtis Kleinman
Hear from one of the industry’s leading experts in the field about the latest credit card processing changes and how they will directly affect direct response and E-commerce merchants. These include changes made by the government, payment processors, and Visa and MasterCard. The session will also discuss the most common mistakes merchants make, along with plenty of time for questions and answers from those on hand.
Unitel The 6.0 Campaign
Speaker: George Faltaous, founder and CEO of Unimed Intl. and Unitel Performance Marketing Group
The 6.0 ROI is not a myth! It is absolutely real, attainable and easier to achieve than you think. George Faltaous has been executing 6.0 campaigns for years. You can do it too! The longevity of your brand is directly related to your ability to reproduce profitable sales multiple times per customer. Faltaous has turned the back-end customer experience into a science. By mastering the science of the back-end, you’ll effortlessly capture millions of dollars that are sitting on the table right now. Get the secrets to improving customer loyalty and doubling — even tripling — your customer’s lifetime value. In this fast-paced session, you’ll also discover how to add 30 percent more revenue to your topline by creating personal relationships with old customers and customizing offers with new promotions and products that cater to their needs. You’ll walk away with specific creative tools for waking up sleeping customers to generate more revenue — now!
Hawthorne Direct Data Science in Today’s Media Landscape
Speaker: George Leon, Sr. VP Media/Account Management at Hawthorne Direct

George Leon, Sr. VP Media/Account Management at Hawthorne Direct, oversees the agency’s expanding integrated Brand Response media strategy, execution and analytics and spearheads the agency’s Data Science initiatives. George will address the topics of big data, web attribution, the importance of understanding business rigors and goals, and how to best integrate data to achieve those goals.