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Navigating the Retail Maze

Speaker |  Anand “Andy” Khubani  | Founder and Chairman | IdeaVillage Products Corp
Speaker |  John McLemore  | President/CEO and co-owner | Masterbuilt Manufacturing Inc.
Moderator |  Dick Wechsler  | President and CEO | Lockard & Wechsler
Speaker |  Chuck Khubani  | Founder and President | Ontel Products Corp
16 May, 2012 | 3:00pm - 4:00pm | Room 400

When should you take your DR product to retail? What’s the right retail outlet to start in? Should you go big (with a Wal-Mart or Target) or start in a niche retailer? Or should you go direct to online retail? The road to retail is truly a maze. But our retail and marketing experts have the answers.