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Is Online Video Living Up to the Hype?

1 Jun, 2009 By: Thomas Haire Response

Garnett: Obviously, you bring your exceptional demonstrations to a slightly different audience than you reach on TV. And you offer them this video while they are in front of their computer and in a better position to purchase immediately. We also regularly hear from consumers who saw the TV advertising and want to see it again. Appropriately tagged, online video can offer them an opportunity to re-examine the TV they just viewed. As an academic comment, this helps solve the primary consumer objection to TV truthfulness: they don't get to examine the TV advertising in the depth which they would examine, say, a print ad. With online video, you can easily use it to complement the Web site message and/or use the printed Web information to complement and reinforce the video (some messages don't belong in video). I haven't seen this done well very often. But done right, it can produce brilliant results.


1. Reinforces the DRTV presentation and unique selling proposition (USP)

2. Can provide another complete problem/solution cycle to further close the sale

3. Can satisfactorily answer lingering questions in viewers' minds

Knight: If you don't advertise online, you're missing out on a good portion of consumers that now include online in their overall media viewing. The targeted and interactive nature of the Internet gives you detailed analytics, allowing you to make informed decisions about optimizing your campaigns in real time.


1. Reinforces the product messaging

2. Gives marketers the ability to bring their message to a wider breadth of consumers

3. Introduces different marketing techniques

Murray: How many times have we, as marketers, said: "If only we could include a DVD in the direct mail package to explain the product, but it's too expensive"? Some of us even have tried this. Now, the model is shifting to digital response — driving prospects to a Web site for consideration.

1. If the customer experience is good, online video can significantly increase the probability of response

2. Online video is a great opportunity to build a deeper brand relationship with customers

3. Online video lengthens the time that prospects/customers engage with the Web site/brand


1. Unity of messaging

2. Discovering new audiences

3. Viral distribution testing (it's important to keep testing how users will distribute your content and to whom it will be sent)


1. Attain higher conversion rates

2. Promote your DRTV programming online at a much lower cost than traditional TV

3. Track how many people actually watched the video


1. Analytics are almost limitless in this medium — for example, you can track by impression, click, 800 number, time spent on site, or time spent watching the video

2. Consumer interaction — online video can not only brand your campaign but can encourage interactivity with your product or offer

3. Extensive buying options, including CPM, CPA, CPC and targeting a core audience via geographic, psychographic or demographic profiles


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