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Support Services
Support Services: Reduce Costs and Increase Profits Through Better Synchronization With Your Fulfillment Vendor    1 May, 2008

Article By: Tony Sziklai

Many DRTV marketers still see fulfillment as a simple, slap-a-label-on-a-box operation that occurs...More>>

The Support Report    1 Aug, 2008

Article By: Doug McPherson

The way Matt Fisher sees it, a trend is brewing. A trend that, if ignored, might kill off some...More>>

Support Services: A Lifecycle Strategy Encourages a Lifetime of Consumer Payments    1 Sep, 2008

Article By: Response Contributor

Consumers, like never before, are in control. They choose their brands. They determine when and how...More>>

Global Perspective
Into India    1 Apr, 2008

Article By: Doug McPherson

Talk about market potential. Go grab your world map and stick a big red pin on top of India. Call...More>>

European Flavor    1 Jun, 2008

Article By: Bridget McCrea

And while most American brand advertisers have yet to catch onto the value of European DRTV space...More>>

Next Stop: Canada    1 Oct, 2008

Article By: Doug McPherson

Recently, Response spoke with five of the key players in the direct response television (DRTV)...More>>

Retail Outlet
Retail Outlet: Brick-and-Mortar Embraces E-Commerce    1 Aug, 2016

Article By: Andrea Stuhley

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have realized that in order to compete in today’s selling...More>>

In Print
In Print: Why Flat Mail Drives Flat Results and How to Fix It    1 Jun, 2011

Article By: Dave Duplay

When you trudge out to the mailbox, what grabs your attention? It’s probably not a boring white...More>>

Going Mobile
Going Mobile: Facebook Mobile Microsites: A New Option for Multichannel Branding    1 Jun, 2012

Article By: Bill Schick

Going mobile is even more important than going social today, as hyper-local news, advertising and...More>>

Guest Opinion
Guest Opinion: New Research Shows That TV Is as Powerful as It's Ever Been     3 Nov, 2009

Article By: Doug Garnett

The death of television advertising was first rumored decades ago with fears that remote controls...More>>

Guest Opinion: Television Has Gone Digital ... Why Haven't We?     1 Oct, 2009

Article By: Anthony Raissen

DRTV is all about the numbers. The direct response industry has numbers to track the quality and...More>>

Guest Opinion: Does Creative Matter?    23 Nov, 2009

Article By: Peter Aronow

Time and time again, inventors and marketers raise this question in an attempt to determine what...More>>

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