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DRMA Spotlight

DRMA Spotlights Dial 800: More Than Just a Pretty Number

21 Feb, 2012 By: Jackie Jones

DRMA Spotlight - Dial 800Dial800 does a number on its competition with superb customer service skills and product offerings — and still manages time to educate the DR industry.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Age may just be a number, but the right number could add ages to your company’s success — and that’s something the people behind Los Angeles-based Dial800 have known for more than a decade.
Dial800, which provides marketing optimization tools to help marketers increase leads and sales, is coming off a stellar year, with the next year’s outlook even better, according to Scott Richards, chief executive officer, and James Diorio, chief operating officer.

“This last year was unbelievable,” Richards says. “We had such broad acceptance by the entire DR industry. Many leading agencies became clients of ours, and they love what happens at Dial800. We grew 25 percent and became part of the exclusive Inc. 5000.”

“That was really exciting for us,” Diorio adds. “The Inc. 5000 looks at the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the United States, and out of a total of 7 million privately held companies, we’re in the top 5,000.”

Dial800 — whose website refers to its team as “telephonic ninjas” in the fun-natured, people-centric spirit of the company — offers DR marketers some of the best services in the business. CallView360, a powerful call-tracking software, provides critical consumer insight through its full transparency and access to real call counts, household demographic profiles of callers and recorded calls; AccuRoute allows clients to implement custom solutions for any and all call routing needs to a variety of call centers; and RapidRecall is the industry’s largest bank of memorable toll-free numbers that have been proven to increase leads and sales by 20 percent or more.

The latest addition to Dial800’s offerings is RoundTrip, which allows clients to see exactly what has occurred from the point a lead comes in all the way to the back-end close, allowing marketers to determine which offers, media and call centers are most effective, according to company executives. While the success Dial800 clients have seen through AccuRoute has increased conversions and decreased abandons, it has also created new challenges dealing with different data from different call centers, creating the need for RoundTrip, Diorio notes.

“What RoundTrip does is take all the data back from the call centers, puts it in one unified format and makes it easy to digest, so the marketer can look at one screen with multiple graphs that display the revenue generated by each different call center,” he says. “More than that, we actually transform the format of the data and send it to the marketer in the customized format that they want to have it in.”

Los Angeles-based Dial 800 is featured in the February issue of Response Magazine as part of the DRMA Spotlight feature. View a video interview here.

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