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DRMA Spotlight

DRMA Spotlight: ‘Believers in Video’

1 Oct, 2013 By: Thomas Haire Response

Tony Besasie and Rob Medved say Cannella Response Television is already involved in what they say is the slow transition from a “TV-only” world to a multi-channel video advertising universe anchored by television.

‘Believers in Video’

In March, we turned the Direct Response Marketing Alliance (DRMA) Spotlight on Cannella Response Television, a media buying agency with offices in Burlington, Wis., and Los Angeles. Tony Besasie, president, and Rob Medved, CEO, shared insights on the company’s focus and the growing importance of data. Recently, Response caught up with Besasie and Medved again for this Spotlight Update.

Q: How has 2013 unfolded for the DR marketplace?

Tony Besasie: Fourth-quarter will be important as we ramp up for the holiday season, but it’s still too early to gauge how the year will end. So far, it’s been a good year for us. The volatility we’ve gotten used to in recent years has not been as prominent.

Rob Medved: Yes, it’s been more stable on the long-form side. We saw a softer second quarter than we expected, and there’s always the overblocked market in October. But we’re ready to close the year strong.

Q: Are the year’s events changing the way Cannella does business?

Besasie: Though there’s not a week going by where I’m not reading about the “rapidly changing TV landscape,” I still haven’t seen a significant impact. Even though there are cord cutters out there moving away from TV, it’s less of a tsunami, and more of a melting glacier. On the other hand, I’m bullish about second screens: more devices make it easier for consumers to transact and purchase.

Medved: I’m always wary of what’s coming next — big news events that preempt media time, content that takes eyeballs away. I agree with Tony about the cord cutting issue. It reminds me of the advent of the VCR or DVR.

Q: How is Cannella expanding its offerings to clients?

Besasie: We are believers in video, and we’re expanding that belief into other channels. We’re testing online video now, but talk about a marketplace that’s fragmented? Building scale there is a big challenge. We’re playing on the fringes of short-form DR and video-on-demand. We’re methodical about expanding our offerings.

Q: How is Cannella helping clients respond to the fragmentation of the TV viewing audience?

Besasie: We are hunting down opportunities to test new media channels. This is not an “either/or” choice. It’s an “and/both” opportunity — to drive business through established and new channels for our clients.

Medved: We are looking to create a more back-and-forth relationship with our marketers regarding the data they have about their consumers. We know that if we can access that data, our dedicated business intelligence group can do a lot of great things with it.

Q: What recent campaigns that Cannella has worked on have been most successful?

Besasie: The Perfecter from Tristar is a great multiuse hair product with a high perceived value and a classic price point. It’s the perfect DR product. Euro-Pro’s Sonic Duo has been successful as well. I like the creative approach Euro-Pro has taken. It’s an upbeat campaign. The problem the product solves emerges via the creative, rather than being in your face.

Q: What are your future plans for Cannella Response Television?

Besasie: Direct response is still misunderstood in the wider marketing world. If you look at what today’s TV market and these second-screen devices enable us to do, it’s all one-to-one marketing. The marketing industry is heading in DR’s direction. When brands can engage consumers in this way, it’s a DR model. We need to get outside our core industry, advocating for DR. ■

Cannella Response Television LLC’s media team applies 30 years of experience, with services including infomercial media placement on cable, broadcast and regionals; the largest per-inquiry program in the industry; and media testing, new product launch and large-scale media planning.

Location: 848 Liberty Drive, Burlington, WI 53105; 6222 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 650, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Phone: (262) 763-4810 or (323) 935-4995




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