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DRMA Spotlight

DRMA Corporate Profile: Fresh, Creative Thinking and More Than $1 Billion in Sales

1 Sep, 2015 By: Sean K. Fay Response

Envision Response Group combines innovative DRTV expertise with digital and online video marketing to build ‘direct’ brands.

At Envision Response Group, we understand that DRTV is changing and that it’s more important than ever to effectively leverage the online space to succeed in this new era of marketing. CMOs and marketing executives are facing challenges from disparate campaign strategies to questions of attribution and incomplete reporting — with a lot of pressure to deliver bottom-line results.

Envision Response Group provides performance-based marketing solutions — from strategy and creative to media roll-out. We call our unique form of marketing “Direct Branding,” and it combines effective DRTV strategies with powerful online video and digital marketing strategies to create campaigns that outperform the control.

We Build Your Brand by Generating Sales and Tracking What Works

We have generated more than $1 billion in sales — and we’re just getting started. We are storytellers who love turning words into powerful images, videos, and marketing solutions that generate response. Our creative and copy platforms embrace your brand essence while conveying your value in a way that triggers response. This is the basis for our concepts, scripts, storyboards, and animatics.

Our approach includes researching everything we can know about your product, category, and buyer persona. Then, our talented team takes the data to develop a relevant story and build mutual value for you and your customers. We track everything, both online and offline, through careful attribution and analytics — and continually optimize it using our Six Stage Optimization Loop™ (a free download is available at

Are You Tracking All of Your Response?

Your DRTV spot is on the air. You’re tracking direct traffic to your URL and calls to your 800 numbers — but are you tracking all of your response? Often, your customer will go to Amazon, Google, or YouTube to find out more about you. If you miss this, you are missing a fast-growing percentage of your business. This is where Envision can help you shine. We have solutions that place you in your buyer’s path at what Google calls the “zero moment of truth,” when they begin their search. We track their response, retarget to them, and provide the opportunities to buy — so that you can get the full picture of your campaign’s effectiveness.

Our digital division combines offline DRTV and online digital strategies to provide an unfair advantage to you, the marketer. We start by poring over eight years of data collected on digital marketing — keywords, keyword phrases, and negative keywords, just to start. Understanding where to advertise — be it YouTube, Adwords, or display — and how to set up campaigns to optimize quickly is key.

We Are Nimble and Action-Oriented

One of the key advantages of our agency is that we combine marketing, creative, and production under one roof, which allows us to work and learn quickly. Our vertically integrated production company can produce any size project — from a one-minute video for YouTube or Instagram, to national spots, 30-minute infomercials, or even corporate videos. Our team masterfully executes the pre-production, production, and post-production process to the great delight of our veteran clients who often say they have never experienced a more thoughtful, organized, and creative production team.


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