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Beauty & Personal Care

I'll Have What She's Having

1 Apr, 2008 By: Jacqueline Renfrow Response

In an oversaturated market, beauty and personal care industry giants are turning to direct response platforms to create a buzz, build trust and solidify branding.

This initiative allows Ojon to accumulate valuable marketing data several times a year while advertising unique seasonal products. While Orr says people are believers in Ojon once they try the products, getting consumers interested is most of the battle. QVC has been the most successful DR outlet for Ojon because it allows the opportunity to tell the story behind the main ingredient in the haircare products.

The founder, Denis Simioni, created the line in 2003 after a relative brought a jar of ojon oil from Honduras to him and his wife. They instantly fell in love with the oil, produced by an indigenous tribe in Honduras called the Tawira — meaning people of beautiful hair.

Elsewhere, Ouidad, like many other companies in beauty and personal care, is now trying to promote the mantra "less is more." The idea behind the marketing of this haircare line is streamlining a consumer's process down to one or two products that can do everything. "A regimen with the fewest products, combined with instructions for the shortest time spent styling her hair in the morning — that is where customers find the value in their relationship with our company," says Peter Wise, founder and COO.

If consumers are scaling back and tossing excess beauty and personal products that cause clutter, the few cosmetics and lotions they do keep around must have at least dual function. "Our feature product has multiple uses and benefits," says Steve Kushner, vice president of research and development for NumaDerm. "Too often a consumer gets loaded up on bottle after bottle of a seemingly different nature that just sits on the countertop."

Kushner says this can be disenchanting for customers and keep them from re-ordering. So NumaDerm created a product called Repair Cream that Kushner believes will be of use to men and women of any age because it can reduce the size of scars, stretch marks and other skin imperfections. NumaDerm is launching its first campaign on both the Web and DRTV to introduce its products to the world.

Murad is tapping into the growing market of anti-aging, wrinkle-reducing skincare products. Anti-aging products made up 30 percent of the $3 billion beauty and personal care market in 2007.
Murad is tapping into the growing market of anti-aging, wrinkle-reducing skincare products. Anti-aging products made up 30 percent of the $3 billion beauty and personal care market in 2007.


Products selling well in 2007 were those with multi-functions like NumaDerm's Repair Cream. Other additives consumers looked for in skincare products included vitamins, anti-oxidants, retinol and sala acid.

Consumers are willing to pay more money than in the past for quality research-and testimonial-backed, all-natural products. According to the IRI, the average price for a facial skincare product rose from $4.56 in 2006 to $4.78 in 2007, a 4.8-percent increase. And while there was a less-than-1-percent increase in the amount of products being purchased in the United States, the dollars spent on these products rose 4.4 percent.

It's about "luxury, luxury luxury," says Susan McKenna, director of Internet marketing for BORBA, a cosmeceutical company that produces external creams for anti-aging, dry skin and body firming, and drinkable nutraceuticals for healthy skin. "Direct response is simply a way for BORBA to bring the message of luxury and quality to our customers, in a format that gives us an immediate response," says McKenna. BORBA is sold in stores, online, through QVC and The Shopping Channel (Canada).

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