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DRMA Putting Unity in Community

The DRMA is vibrant and growing marketing alliance with one singular focus: to serve and support marketing professionals that utilize performance-based, trackable and measurable marketing.

If you are responsible for a product or service that is sold and marketed to a consumer via direct response, digital or data-driven tactics, or if you are part of the supply chain that helps facilitate a marketing and sales campaign, then the DRMA is a vital organization to join.

The DRMA uses a combination of education and networking to foster clear channels of communication and transparent pathways to nurture long term relationships in a comfortable and neutral environment.

DRMA Voice
Curious What the FTC has Been Up to?     17 Oct, 2017

Article By: Kristen Klesh, Amy Ralph Mudge

A change in administration inevitably raises questions about the priorities and direction of...More>>

Congress Codifies ‘Gag Order’ on Consumer Review ‘Gag Clauses’     17 Oct, 2017

Article By: William I. Rothbard

In an October 2015 post on my own blog – “FTC Obtains ‘Gag Order’ Against ‘Gag...More>>

Two Sizes Do Not Fit All     17 Oct, 2017

Article By: Ava Seavey

As both network and cable TV viewership continue to decline, and market fragmentation becomes an...More>>

Be a Part of Something Great     17 Oct, 2017

Article By: Andrea Stuhley

Starting from an early age, children join the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, and join clubs with other...More>>

FTC Plays ‘Red Light, Green Light’ With Influencer Marketers     19 Sep, 2017

Article By: Amy Ralph Mudge, Randal M. Shaheen

Earlier this month, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) broke new ground by announcing its first...More>>

Breaking News
Amazon to Add More Ad Options to Video to Compete with YouTube     18 Oct, 2017

News By: Doug McPherson

SEATTLE – Amazon plans to include more advertising opportunities on its video content in an...More>>

Digital Media Ads Could Hit Double-Digit Growth in Q3     18 Oct, 2017

News By: Doug McPherson

NEW YORK – Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Snap could see a combined 25 percent jump in ad dollars...More>>

QVC Taps New Leaders Before HSN Acquisition     18 Oct, 2017

News By: Doug McPherson

WEST CHESTER, PA. – New leaders are ready to take over after QVC’s parent company, Liberty...More>>

AT&T Loses 390K Pay-TV Subs in Q3; Adds 300K to DirecTV Now     18 Oct, 2017

News By: Doug McPherson

DALLAS – AT&T revealed in an 8-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it...More>>

Viacom, Charter Agree to Extension in Carriage Talks; Terms Still Being Negotiated     18 Oct, 2017

News By: Doug McPherson

NEW YORK – Viacom and Charter Communications have agreed to keep cable networks like Comedy...More>>

DRMA Spotlight
DRMA Spotlight: Thriving With Change     1 Apr, 2017

Article By: Thomas Haire

Since early 2016, when Cannella Response Television acquired Media Properties Holdings (MPH) —...More>>