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You Can’t Have Community Without Unity

11 Apr, 2017 By: Eric Stracener

When I took my first job in the direct response industry – working for a call center – nearly 19 years ago, I had no idea what I’d signed up for. It was a fast-paced business that involved much more than taking customer service calls. Call-center technology was changing constantly and to be successful, you had to be connected and ahead of the curve.

When the DRMA formed 11 years ago, it became an invaluable resource for me. There are a lot of trade associations that take your fees and leave you to your own devices, but not the DRMA. My membership helped me make valuable connections that have contributed to my success. In fact, over time, many of those professional relationships have transformed into personal ones, and have allowed me to transition and grow within the industry.

The DRMA is also a forum for innovation. It draws on the collective knowledge of its membership – a wide-ranging group of subject-matter experts – to stay ahead of emerging trends and technology. My Response Magazine subscription keeps me informed about important industry news and allows me to participate in important conversations about how those developments affect me and other direct-to-consumer marketers.

In addition, the DRMA provides key resources, such as its staff, to help members adapt and evolve. The DRMA has a dedicated team of professionals who work diligently to support the DRMA’s mission to be a unifying entity. They’re devoted to protecting the needs of the industry and helping its members thrive. By pooling resources and utilizing the collective expertise of the group, the DRMA is safeguarding and enriching the industry, which has a significant and positive impact on its members.

It’s difficult to fathom that it’s already been more than a decade since I became a part of the DRMA. There have been so many great events, memories, and relationships forged along that path. The DRMA has become my extended family – a vast network of friends and family who are passionate about helping companies bring solution-focused products to market. My journey wouldn’t have been the same without the DRMA, and I’m looking forward to what’s on the next horizon.

Eric Stracener is a director of new business at Thill Inc., a leading fulfillment and customer service provider in direct response and subscription boxes. He’s also a member of the DRMA Membership Committee and can be reached via e-mail at

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