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test DRMA Member of the Year

DRMA Member of the Year 2013

Voting for the DRMA Member of the Year opens November 17.

The DRMA’s mission is to put the unity in community. Our video of members filmed at Response Expo 2014, which debuted at the DRMA Marketer of the Year Award Program in Las Vegas, says it all: click here to view video.

The process of building such unity takes the help of powerful advocates who share a common goal of enhancing the discipline of direct response marketing. This is why, each year, the DRMA recognizes a Member of the Year.

The DRMA Member of the Year salutes an employee or leader of a DRMA Member company who, during the past year, has exemplified the best and most consistent values of the direct, digital and data-driven marketing business and has promoted both its value and the DRMA far and wide.

The ideal Member of the Year:

  • is an an employee or leader of a DRMA member company
  • champions the concepts and principles of our field
  • exemplifies the best and most consistent values of the direct response marketing business
  • promotes both the value of DR marketing and the DRMA far and wide

2014 DRMA Member of the Year Nominees

Vote for Frank

FRANK BATTISTI, Co-Founder/Executive Producer,
Grand Slam Direct

The day I co-formed Grand Slam Direct, I joined DRMA. The next day, I placed a call to the DRMA Marketer of Year at the time, Curtis Kleinman, for insight on how to maximize the benefits of membership. I committed to DRMA by sponsoring events and building a company that would make it proud to have us as a member.

Vote for Loren

LOREN CRANNELL, Vice President, Sales
Moulton Logistics Management

As a seasoned veteran of direct response, starting with Guthy-Renker in the 1990s, I’ve seen our industry grow, and I am proud to have contributed to that growth. As digital merges with traditional means of marketing, having a knowledgeable representative is foundational as we move into the future.

Vote for Jessica

JESSICA DELICH, Director of Trade Show Programs
United Inventors Association of America

I care about inventors and understand their constraints and struggles. I have witnessed how this industry helps inventors quickly achieve their product development dreams. Inventors are the unsung driving force behind DR. I’m privileged to be an advocate for the unparalleled opportunities created through this industry and welcome the opportunity to be DRMA Member of the Year.

Vote for Bill

BILL MCALISTER, President and Owner
Top Dog Direct

I have enthusiastically championed the DRMA above all other industry organizations. My Las Vegas cabana headquarters was a DRMA island in a sea of sharks this September. I have innovated in the industry with blockbuster products that have provided real relief to millions in pain and with skin afflictions.

Vote for Rob

Cannella Response Television LLC

With 20 years in the industry, I’ve seen first-hand that it’s the community that matters. In the past 12 months, my continued efforts in putting progressive technology, annual research and innovation — including program listings — at the forefront continue to have an impact on the health, wellness and perception of the DR industry.

Vote for Pattie

PATTIE MERCIER, Director of E-commerce Partnerships

You want me to play golf? I’ll take lessons! You need someone to brainstorm with? Let’s do it! You need an introduction or want to do a deal? I’ll make it! You want to vote for me for the DRMA Member of the Year? I’ll take it!

Vote for Mary

TTC-Ameridial LLC

Focused on quality telemarketing since 1984, I’ve served the DR industry — including iconic clients in their early stage growth such as Guthy-Renker, Nordic Track and Ronco. I’m always pushing for new methods, including generating 20,000 Internet inquiries daily for clients. Also, I’ve served on the boards of NAWBO, WDRG, the DMA Telemarketing Council and CADM.

Vote for Eric

ERIC STEAPLE, Vice President
Turner Broadcasting Sales

I would be honored to be named the 2014 DRMA Member of the Year. The closer we can engage on every level, from network ad sales to buying and planning groups to clients, we can only better ourselves. If you approach business with a mindset of unity and collaboration, the industry as a whole rises.

Member of the Year Qualifications
To qualify for the DRMA Member of the Year Award, the candidate must be a leader or employee of a current DRMA member company who has made a significant contribution to the direct response marketing industry.

Member of the Year Voting Process
The DRMA Member of the Year is chosen by industry peers — fellow DRMA members. DRMA members get to participate in both the nomination and final voting process for the 2014 DRMA Member of the Year.  Voting for DRMA member of the Year will occur November 17 - December 4. Ballots will be emailed to all current DRMA members.

For the nominating procedures and voting guidelines, click here.

Member of the Year Winner Announcement
The winner will be announced at the DRMA Winter Bash on Tuesday, December 9, 2014. RSVP for the Winter Bash and be there to see who wins!