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Swing for the Fences This Summer

18 Jul, 2017 By: Caitlin Haire, Cannella Media

As we move into the heart of the summer season, it can be easy to take the foot off the gas, roll down the windows, and coast through the months of July and August. The weather is great, email is quieter, and the beach is calling our names. After the rush of Response Expo and the crush of post-show follow-up, it’s easy to understand why we might want to relax a bit before the madness of fourth quarter is again upon us.

However, this is not the time to be lulled into a sleepy haze. Think of it like baseball season: at this point, the sparkle of Opening Day has worn off and the excitement of the playoffs is still too far away to register. However, for anyone keeping up with the standings, this is when the leading teams – true contenders for October glory – lock in and start to pull away from the pack.

For us, now is when focus is hardest to come by, but a little attention can make a big difference – and year-round attention to performance can shine through.

As mentioned above – and echoed throughout this year’s Response Expo – complacency is a threat to us all. We’re most endangered by our own hubris: the sense that we’ve already learned all there is to know and can do it better than anyone else.

Summer offers us a time to slow down and reflect on where we stand, make a full assessment of our strengths and weaknesses, and work on areas we can bolster and improve. It’s a time to get up to speed on industry news and trends, a time to devote a bit more to our own personal education and growth, and a time to reconnect with our community. Luckily for us, the DRMA is a seamless solution for all of these endeavors.

The DRMA offers a wealth of resources to help us achieve personal development. Response This Week shares industry news and happenings, delivered directly to your inbox. It’s a great source of curated stories from across the industry in an easy-to-digest, one-stop format. Further, the Response website ( provides all current and archived magazine and newsletter articles – a virtual trove of data on a variety of subjects. DRMA members have additional access to exclusive research, as well as white papers and case studies relating to all aspects of the marketing and advertising world.

But it doesn’t stop there. If the enrichment of our knowledge is batting practice, then it’s our engagement with the community where we really come to play. And the DRMA Summer Bash is the All-Star Game – our industry’s version of that midsummer classic. It’s an opportunity to reconnect and touch base with our colleagues, partners, and friends. It’s also a venue to network and make new connections. Too often we take these events for granted and merely go through the motions – but this year I urge you to approach this occasion (and other DRMA events) with an invigorated sense of potential, spurred on by a renewed motivation to grow, evolve, and learn.

There is a quote attributed to Padmasambhava, an eighth-century, Indian-born Buddhist master: “If you want to know your past life, look at your present condition. If you want to know your future life, look at your present actions.”

The world doesn’t stop just because we – or our colleagues – are on vacation. Every series, game, inning, and pitch is important, even if we don’t realize it at the time. So don’t take your eye off the ball – stay nimble, attentive, and creative. There’s only so much blame we can put on the coach before we realize that if we don’t show up for practice, it’s our fault when we lose.

Caitlin Haire is vice president, business development at Cannella Media and a member of the DRMA Membership Committee. She can be reached at (323) 935-4995 or via email at

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