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Marketer of the Year

Your Baby Can Earns Marketer of the Year Award

18 Oct, 2010 By: Thomas Haire Response


Still, Kovac points to the product’s launch at retail as important on a number of different levels. “The retail launch has been very successful due to major awareness from organic marketing and advertising,” she says, and also contends the company’s retail pricing is playing a role. “We are proud of our retail launch at entry-level price points. It allows consumers who were not economically able to take advantage of the deluxe kit that has been sold through infomercial marketing to now succeed with Your Baby Can products.”

Kovac is quick to credit the hard work of not only Your Baby Can’s employees, but also the agencies and vendors serving the company. “Vendors and employees work diligently because they believe they are truly making a difference in the lives of children all around the world,” she says. “Many amazing vendors have given their all to make Your Baby Can a success.  M2G Media, under the direction of Chad Murdock, had a vision and passion to spread the amazing message about Dr. Titzer and Your Baby Can that has successfully spread across this country.”

She continues, “Euro RSCG Edge managed the media and taught our start-up company so much about how to run the business. Icon Media helped us launch a successful short-form campaign and profitable print campaign. We used competitive radio media agencies, Strategic Media and Media Partners, who worked side by side to make radio a large part of our business. Telemarketers are the under-recognized team. O’Currance, TMS and LiveOps have not only given us hundreds of successful reading stories from their own families and children, but they have incorporated those personal success stories into the lives of millions of callers. And TeleResources has done the best job I have ever seen in an outbound telemarketing campaign.”

Looking ahead, Kovac expects Dr. Titzer’s expertise to allow the company to expand into areas like math, music and others. “The years of research by Dr. Titzer into brain development and infant learning allow us to bring many new products to market in other areas,” she says. “We see the company expanding its product line to encompass Dr. Titzer’s processes to provide additional learning and development in our core market. The success of Your Baby Can Read has allowed us to expand our brand into an umbrella brand — Developing Minds. Our long-term mission is to help children and adults achieve success in learning which results in self improvement and expanded horizons.”

BJ Global Finds the Beauty of Branding

With 21 years in the direct response marketing business, BJ Fazeli, CEO of Irvine, Calif.-based BJ Global Direct, has seen plenty of hits and misses over the years. But, in recent years, Fazeli and his team have found a formula for success in their Kymaro line of beauty products, including the New Body Shaper, introduced in late 2007, and Curve Control Jeans, which hit the market a year later. Fazeli’s team shares a strong work ethic and great camaraderie, while customer satisfaction is the company’s top priority.

“It is an honor to be recognized and nominated for such a prestigious award,” Fazeli says. “Being a finalist for Marketer of the Year is rewarding for me personally, as well as for my team. We have an amazing team here and everyone works together to grow our business and take it to the next level of success.”

With a goal of maximizing market share in all aspects of the DR industry — including TV, catalog, Internet and retail — Fazeli believes his company “goes against the grain” when it comes to direct response marketing. “We are in the business of building a brand with our health, beauty and spa line Kymaro, and we have all of our products available on our one-stop-shop online mall at,” he says. “We have now built an array of products under the Kymaro brand name that can be offered for sale via TV, catalogs, Internet, retail — and now even through your smartphone with the ‘As Seen on TV — Official App.’”

The past year was a great one for BJ Global. “Not only have we continued to remain in the top 10 of the IMS charts, but we also have noticed celebrities are using our products and mentioning the brand name Kymaro,” Fazeli contends. “We are truly becoming a household brand name in the U.S., and we are hoping to expand this trend to Europe and beyond.”

That success comes from understanding how each product works within a branded line. “The Kymaro New Body Shaper was a perfect fit,” Fazeli says. “It enabled us to develop more innovative products. With every success, there are new adjustments in the day-to-day running of the business, but we have managed to grow our business even further despite the current economic downturn.”

Fazeli credits this to the products’ price points. “Our Kymaro brand offers a line of feel-good products at affordable prices,” he says. “This convenient and cost-effective way to ‘feel good,’ coupled with our diligent customer care, has allowed us to maintain a strong revenue stream during the tough times.”

Looking ahead, Fazeli says that strong products and a forward-looking focus on new sales technologies will help BJ Global stay a step ahead of its competition. “Although extremely busy with existing products, we have a slew of new items,” he contends. “We have some innovative items coming out under our Kymaro line. Also, in today’s world one must capitalize on all avenues of promotion, especially the evolution of the smartphone and its potential.”

FitnessIQ Shakes Its Way to the Top

“The Shake Weight caused a sensation not only because of the marketing success on television and in retail, but also the viral and PR success around the product,” says Johann Verheem, CEO of Vista, Calif.-based FitnessIQ. “Some of this was unplanned and some of it by design, but it clearly demonstrates the power of DRTV to catapult a product and a brand to national awareness.”

Verheem says the company relies on unique and effective products, a strong internal creative team and experienced operational execution. The Shake Weight, launched in July 2009 and directed at women, has sold 2 million units (1.5 million at retail), while the Shake Weight for Men, launched in April 2010, has just passed the 100,000 mark.

“We became the No. 1 selling TV/impulse product in Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target and several other retailers,” Verheem says. “The fact that DRTV can have this impact on traditional brick-and-mortar retail in such a short period of time is still astounding to me, even after being in the industry for 15 years.”

Between DRTV advertising and the power of PR and viral marketing that have made Shake Weight a hit, Verheem came to some realizations about the state of DR marketing.

“The success of Shake Weight made us realize two critical success factors: the importance of a product that looks different, as well as offering a great impulse price point that works on both television and at retail,” he says. “Leveraging the Web, both from a PR and a sales perspective, is a whole new blueprint for us.”

Pricing has also been a factor in the products’ success. “We worked extremely hard to achieve the price points on Shake Weight and Shake Weight for Men,” Verheem says. “Both are quality, expensive-to-manufacture products selling for $19.95 and $29.95. Great value is essential in these economic times.”

With a campaign for new product Total Core underway, Verheem says the company’s outlook is strong. “We are bullish about our business and the outlook for FitnessIQ,” he contends. “Shake Weight has room to grow, both domestically and internationally. And we will continue to introduce new products with solid efficacy at terrific price points.”

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