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Marketer of the Year

Allstar Takes Inaugural Marketer of the Year Honors

1 Oct, 2009 By: Thomas Haire Response

Allstar contends that it operates on the idea that its campaigns not only sell a solution, but also tap into the emotions that motivate consumers. The company focuses on building brand personalities and creating strong emotional connections with consumers. This has allowed Allstar to evolve from a direct response business into something altogether different.

"We are now an innovative and dynamic consumer products company," Boilen contends. "In addition to utilizing DR and traditional advertising techniques, we have now actively engaged the emerging social media platform to grow our customer base organically. All of our major brands are supported by branded Web sites and individual public relations campaigns."

He also believes Allstar has "embraced a cultural change," that includes a commitment to creating brands that "will allow for category expansion and create sustainable competitive advantage." To that end, Boilen says the company's big three products from the past year not only fit within that concept but also expand upon it.

i4"Each of these brand platforms is supported by a dedicated team charged with developing category and line extensions, as well as an integrated advertising campaign," Boilen says. Still, it's clear that he believes Allstar's roots in the direct response business have the company well positioned for the future.

"Allstar was founded as a direct-to-consumer marketing company, and our key to launching campaigns is a well-orchestrated direct response campaign," he contends. "We are now expanding that toolkit with traditional television and print media, as well as social media. Because we are experts in direct response, and given the rapid growth of social media, we are able to reach our target consumers quickly and efficiently. In this way, we are able to form lasting relationships with our consumers, while delivering real value. Topsy Turvy Tomato was the product that launched this new mission — that of building enduring brands that deliver superior value directly to consumers."

i5This new mission is clearly part of the reason Allstar was able to overcome the country's recent economic struggles and have a great year. "We sell value products that consumers want," Boilen says when asked about how Allstar thrived in the current economic times. "We don't just sell product features and benefits. We create strong brand personalities and emotional connections with the consumer."

He also points to the expansion of "As Seen on TV" retail opportunities — and Allstar's success in those areas — as another reason for the company's success. "Retailers have responded to the demand from consumers by increasing the presence of 'As Seen on TV' products so they can provide convenient access to the products the consumers are asking for," Boilen says. "While many other consumer products have experienced dramatic declines in the past year, 'As Seen on TV' items have been able to increase sales and gain valuable shelf and display space."


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