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The Stars Align!     1 Oct, 2014

Article By: Thomas Haire

“We are both honored and gratified to be recognized for the work and dedication of our teams,”...More>>

Just the Right Blend     1 Oct, 2013

Article By: Thomas Haire

“There are many companies doing great work in this industry today, as evidenced by the...More>>

DRMA Spotlight: They’re All the Buzz     1 Jan, 2013

Article By: Thomas Haire

When it comes to servicing clients, we hold ourselves to the ‘Nordstrom’ standard,” says Adam...More>>

DRMA Spotlight: At Your Service     1 Nov, 2012

Article By: Thomas Haire

The year 2012 has been an amazing one for Swipe Payment Solutions,” says Curtis Kleinman, vice...More>>

DRMA News June 2012     1 Jun, 2012

Article By: Jackie Jones

Infusion Brands Intl. recently received acceptance from the Home Shopping Network (HSN) into the...More>>

Endorsements From Regular People Are Powerful, but Mind the FTC's Guidelines     8 May, 2012

Article By: Leonard L. Gordon, Jeffrey D. Knowles

A recent AdWeek article highlighted a significant decline in the use of celebrity endorsers in...More>>

Bayer Suffers From Class Certification Headache     8 May, 2012

Article By: John Waller, Jeffrey Richter

In designing their marketing campaigns, many marketers strive to create a simple, pithy, unifying...More>>

FTC Scores Big Court Win Against DRTV Veterans     8 May, 2012

Article By: William I. Rothbard

In a much-awaited decision, a federal judge has granted summary judgment in favor of the Federal...More>>

FDA Regulation of 'Cosmeceuticals': More Wrinkles Coming?     8 May, 2012

Article By: Ivan J. Wasserman

Compared to other popular direct response product categories, such as dietary supplements,...More>>

Cannella Goes a Long Way Toward DR Success     1 Apr, 2012

Article By: Jackie Jones

BURLINGTON, Wis. – A lot of big names in the direct response industry like to boast they’ve...More>>