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DRMA Voice
CFPB Brings First Enforcement Action for ‘Abusive’ Acts or Practices     9 Jul, 2013

Article By: Linda A. Goldstein

Though the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has historically been the primary agency targeting...More>>

FTC’s ‘Duty of Inquiry’ for Non-Marketers Gets a Judicial Boost     9 Jul, 2013

Article By: William I. Rothbard

June was a banner month for the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) aggressive campaign to hold...More>>

The Best Things in Life Are Free – Just Pay Separate Shipping & Handling     4 Jun, 2013

Article By: Gregory J. Sater

They say the best things in life are free, but are they free if you have to pay separate shipping...More>>

Marketers Must Take Heed of FTC’s Proposed TSR Revisions     4 Jun, 2013

Article By: Marc Roth

Last month, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced proposed changes to the Telemarketing...More>>

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Asks for Trouble From the FTC     4 Jun, 2013

Article By: William I. Rothbard

The Pentagon policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” helped keep gay servicemen in the U.S....More>>

Google’s ‘Free Trial’ Advertisement Not a Binding Offer     4 Jun, 2013

Article By: Arthur Yoon, Jeffrey Richter

When can an advertisement be considered a binding offer? The U.S. District Court of Northern...More>>

Negative Option Marketers Must Comply With Applicable State Laws     7 May, 2013

Article By: Marc Roth

Most marketers that sell products or services that either automatically renew or are delivered on a...More>>

FTC Seeks to Cramp ‘Mobile Cramming’     7 May, 2013

Article By: William I. Rothbard

It seems that every time the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announces new guidelines or brings a...More>>

FTC IDs Deceptive Advertising/Marketing Practices as Key Enforcement Target     7 May, 2013

Article By: John Waller, Jeffrey Richter

In summarizing the achievements of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) during the past year, Edith...More>>

Product Demonstrations Deliver Reward … and Risk     7 May, 2013

Article By: Randall K. Miller, Jeffrey D. Knowles

Every marketer knows that nothing drives sales like showing the product in action. Product...More>>