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DRMA Voice
FTC Snares Ingredient Supplier in Widening Liability Net     7 Oct, 2014

Article By: William I. Rothbard

My last article and others before discussed a new core enforcement strategy at the Federal Trade...More>>

FTC Warning Letters Blindside Retailers     9 Sep, 2014

Article By: Leonard L. Gordon, Jeffrey D. Knowles

If the beginning of football season were a holiday (and we know it is for some of you), it would...More>>

FTC Sues Processors for Being ‘Unfair’ to Consumers     9 Sep, 2014

Article By: William I. Rothbard

We think of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as an anti-deception agency, and it is just that....More>>

What to Expect at a Labor Commission Hearing     9 Sep, 2014

Article By: Frank R. Fasel

Just about every employer in California, big or small, will encounter the state’s dreaded Labor...More>>

Recent Decisions Clarify Reach of VPPA, Plaintiffs Pursue Alternative Theories     9 Sep, 2014

Article By: Ana Tagvoryan, Joshua Briones

Online service providers often collect user data in various forms for statistical or marketing...More>>

FTC’s Negative Option Rule Remains ‘As Is,’ but Beware the States     9 Sep, 2014

Article By: Marc Roth

During the summer, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued what many in the direct response...More>>

Safe Harbor for Online Children’s Advertising     5 Aug, 2014

Article By: Arthur Yoon, Jeffrey Richter

While most advertisers know that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can protect children from...More>>

Does Your Privacy Policy Need an Update?     5 Aug, 2014

Article By: Jesse M. Brody

It is imperative that companies examine their data privacy and security policies and practices to...More>>

Another ‘Clinically Proven’ Claim Bites the Dust … 5 Times Faster     5 Aug, 2014

Article By: Gregory J. Sater

By now, readers of my articles know that if you’re going to make what’s known in the legal...More>>

Can You Say ‘Thank You’ Under the TCPA?     5 Aug, 2014

Article By: William I. Rothbard

Since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) told telemarketers last October, in new rules...More>>