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DRMA Voice
Why So Negative on Negative Option?     12 Mar, 2013

Article By: Jeffrey D. Knowles, Gary D. Hailey

Continuity marketing is a pervasive component of the American economy. Today, consumers can have...More>>

FTC Cracks Down on Free Gift Card Offers     12 Mar, 2013

Article By: Linda A. Goldstein

Direct response marketers have increasingly embraced the offering of “free” gift cards from...More>>

POM Wonderful, Round 3: ‘Disclosure’ vs. ‘Outright Suppression’     12 Mar, 2013

Article By: William I. Rothbard

The ongoing battle between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the billionaire owners of POM...More>>

FTC, POM Wonderful Battle Continues     5 Feb, 2013

Article By: Gregory J. Sater

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a final opinion and order affirming in large part the...More>>

What Advertisers Need to Know About App Privacy     5 Feb, 2013

Article By: Arthur Yoon, Jeffrey Richter

As consumers load up their smartphones and tablets with mobile applications (apps) that permit them...More>>

Class Action Waivers Enforceable? California Court Says, ‘Not So Fast!’     5 Feb, 2013

Article By: William I. Rothbard

Class actions against dietary supplement sellers. Text marketers. Biz-op providers. You name it,...More>>

Tempur-Pedic Trademark Complaint Still Alive in Lanham Act Case     8 Jan, 2013

Article By: John Waller, Jeffrey Richter

As regular readers of the DRMA Voice are by now likely aware, it is easier to assert a claim under...More>>

America’s Kids Get More ‘Privacy’ for Christmas     8 Jan, 2013

Article By: William I. Rothbard

Children found something in their stockings this Christmas they probably hadn’t asked for and...More>>

‘Gift With Purchase’ Offers Are No Child’s Play     8 Jan, 2013

Article By: Marc Roth

One of the most common and effective incentives used by DR marketers is a gift with purchase. While...More>>

Return One, Keep One for Free     8 Jan, 2013

Article By: Randal M. Shaheen, Amy Ralph Mudge, Jeffrey D. Knowles

“Buy one, get one” offers: we’ve all seen them and, no doubt, many of us have been involved...More>>