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DRMA Voice
FTC on the Lookout for Incentivized Online Customer ‘Reviews’     3 Mar, 2015

Article By: Marc Roth

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has again let industry know that it is very much on the beat...More>>

Honest Tea’s Antioxidant Labeling Could Be Misbranding     3 Mar, 2015

Article By: Arthur Yoon, Jeffrey Richter

California’s consumer protection statutes generally prohibit false or misleading advertising in...More>>

Strong Brands Have Room to Flex     3 Mar, 2015

Article By: Jeffrey D. Knowles, Justin E. Pierce, Andrew D. Price

Under the traditional rules of proper trademark use, brands must be used as adjectives and in a...More>>

Legislating Through Litigation: Why ROSCA Suddenly Matters     3 Mar, 2015

Article By: Rachel Hirsch

Frequently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announces enforcement initiatives it seeks to...More>>

Is There Now a ‘Good Faith’ Defense Under the TCPA?     3 Mar, 2015

Article By: William I. Rothbard

In “Living Vicariously — and Dangerously — under the TCPA” (DRMA Voice, March 2014) I...More>>

E-Cigarettes Come Under Increasing Fire     10 Feb, 2015

Article By: John Waller, Jeffrey Richter

As the popularity of e-cigarettes has substantially increased during the past few years, the...More>>

Paid Search Terms: Do You Need FTC Substantiation for Them?     10 Feb, 2015

Article By: Gregory J. Sater

By now, readers of this column know that if they run an ad that states that their product causes...More>>

FTC Commissioners Fight Over Free Speech and Dr. Oz, as Court Settles RCT Debate     10 Feb, 2015

Article By: William I. Rothbard

As the court was rocking the FTC landscape by overruling the Democratic majority that had favored...More>>

D.C. Court of Appeals Strikes Down FTC’s Blanket ‘2-Clinical-Study’ Substantiation Requirement     10 Feb, 2015

Article By: Linda A. Goldstein

On Jan. 30, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued its long-awaited...More>>

The New Year’s the Time to Think About Carbs — or, at Least, the CARB Survey     13 Jan, 2015

Article By: Michelle C. Jackson, Jeffrey D. Knowles

If you are unsure whether your products are subject to the California Air Resources Board’s...More>>