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DRMA Spotlight: Technology and Teamwork

1 Nov, 2014 By: Thomas Haire Response

Adam Warren and Reno Renaldo say those two things have led to success in OpenJar Concepts’ first five years. What’s on tap for the next five?

In January 2013, we turned the Direct Response Marketing Alliance (DRMA) Spotlight on Temecula, Calif.-based OpenJar Concepts (OJC). Adam Warren, president, and Reno Renaldo, executive vice president, shared insights on the now-five-year-old company’s background, services and vision. Recently, Response caught up with Warren and Renaldo again for this Spotlight Update.

How has 2014 treated OpenJar Concepts?
Adam Warren: It’s been a pretty special year. We create a lot of brands through our brand development division that become part of a white-label library for clients’ scalability. One that took on a life of its own is The Sentinel Group™. It’s been a great success in the mass torts marketing space. It’s just more than a year old, though we’ve been involved in mass torts for more than a decade.

TrafTrack®, our data measurement and tracking tool that we built, gained a registered trademark. Its evolution has taken our media and client management capabilities to a new level. We’ve also improved our call routing strategy and data analysis offerings, which led to the decision to refer to ourselves as a lead-generation technology company.

The acquisition of Sheb Alahmari as our media manager was also really big. His relationship development skills and the fact that he’s working in house has been a game changer. Traditional CPA campaigns take one-to-two months to catch their legs, but now with our buying prowess, we can get campaigns off the ground faster in a more targeted fashion.

Reno Renaldo: We are doing a lot of research and development on our generic brand sites to generate leads. In the mass torts area, the key is figuring out how we can transition that warm data lead to a live call seamlessly so attorneys don’t have to allocate inbound reps to handle outbound-style calls.

Have any of this year’s events changed the way OJC does business?
Warren: Every year we go through some bit of reinvention. We are constantly in development with TrafTrack, for instance. When there’s a call for something outside of our wheelhouse, we want to vet it out and see if we can do it before we say no.

How is OJC expanding its offerings to current and new clients?
Warren: We are focused on the digital space. We’re doing business there now, but it’s still more of a complement. We want it to take on a life of its own.

Renaldo: There are things we are testing now that can propel digital even further. In mass torts, serial plaintiffs are a huge problem. We want provide the solution to vet that out.

What was the most successful recent campaign for the OJC team?
Warren: It’s the mass tort campaign that birthed The Sentinel Group as a legitimate brand. We started with both a paid media and a performance-driven media facet to it, with the idea that the cash media would allow the performance side to marinate and grow. We refer to this as a hybrid approach. The firm gained 1,700 viable cases, after generating 300-500 calls a day for several months.

What do you see as the hottest topics facing marketers in the direct, digital and data-driven space?
Renaldo: There is often a divide on pricing and qualifiers for clients and pricing to be competitive with media. It’s an ongoing challenge to find the sweet spot. In some instances, initial pricing can change and clients have to be prepared for that. The landscapes are filled with unpredictability, so there tends to be trial and error. We’ve honed our process to be less error and more success. The “cost-per” equation has many variables — per-call, per-acquisition and per-time-duration, to name a few. Today’s client needs to be flexible and ready to try anything to find scale in a competitive marketplace.

On your fifth anniversary, what’s led to the company’s success and what’s the outlook for OJC’s next five years?
Warren: A lot of people don’t believe in luck. I do. Another factor is how we positioned ourselves in the market: to be “everyone friendly,” a neutral company that works with anyone. Also, we couldn’t have scaled as a company at the rate we did without having technology at our core. Additionally, we hired such a talented team — one that’s passionate, committed, independent and intelligent. They treat OJC like it’s their own home.

In the next five years, we plan to emulate what we’ve done and get better at it. Brand development could take on a life of its own. TrafTrack already gives us more reports than I can imagine, and we’re looking for more from it. We want to expand into digital and look to augment that team with specialists. ■


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