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DRMA Member of the Year Nominating & Voting Guidelines

To ensure full transparency, here is a detailed explanation of the voting guidelines and the nominating process:

DRMA Member of the Year Voting Guidelines

  • To ensure balance among our nominees, only 10 votes per company will be counted per nominee
    • If more than 10 people from the same company vote for the same nominee, only 10 votes will count
    • This is to ensure fairness in voting, so that nominees from larger companies don’t have an unfair advantage over nominees from small companies.
  • No double voting
    • Each person’s vote will only count once
  • Only DRMA members can vote
    • If a person who is not an employee of a DRMA member company votes, that vote will not be counted in final tally

How the Nomination Process Worked

  • The DRMA sent out a DRMA-wide solicitation to all DRMA members
    • Weekly E-mails announcing the nominating process sent out to DRMA member companies between October 1 and October 24
    • Nomination announcements appeared in the Response This Week E-newsletter, weekly throughout October
    • Nomination announcement is listed on our website
  • The Response Advisory Board was also solicited directly for nominations by the staff of Response.
  • Several dozen nominations were collected from our membership
  • The DRMA selected the top eight nominated individuals who were current DRMA members in good standing