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DRMA Committees

In 2016, the DRMA staff reflected on its growth as the alliance for performance-based marketers during the past decade. That growth is directly attributable to the commitment of our member companies and their leaders who have helped make the DRMA a force for networking, education, and unity in the marketing community.

At that time, the DRMA formed three committees – made up of leaders in the performance-based marketing space – to expand both our own growth and our members’ influence in that growth. And the time is now for DRMA members to volunteer to serve on one of the three below committees for the 2017-18 service year:

  • DRMA Education Committee
  • DRMA Membership Committee
  • DRMA TV Everywhere Committee



DRMA Committees

Education Committee

DRMA Education Committee
This committee helps create new educational content for DRMA events, the DRMA website, and Response Expo.

Rus Sarnoff
Integrated Marketing

Greg Sarnow
Direct Response Academy


Tony Altman
Motivational Fulfillment
& Logistics


Marc Johnston


Andy Arvidson
Imagine Fulfillment Services


Michael Montgomery


Tara Bossert


Richard Scheiner
XB Logistics


Paula Brillson Phillips
Digital Law Group


Ava Seavey
Avalanche Creative


Lindsey Carnett
Marketing Maven


Dave Smith
Incremental Media


Karla Crawford Kerr


Lori Zeller
THOR Associates


Marty Fahncke
Barton Publishing


Thomas Haire
Response Representative for the Education Committee

[email protected]




Membership Committee

DRMA Membership Committee
This committee helps create new benefits designed to assist current members, as well as find opportunities to drive new members to the DRMA.

Pattie Mercier
Dir. eCommerce Partnerships

Chuck Wilkins
Venable LLP
Practice Development


Chris Alexander


Curtis Kleinman
VisoPay LLC


Andie Aronow
PBandJ Partners


Adam Miller


Jon Calderaro
Concepts TV Productions


Michael Pierce
212 Degrees Fahrenheit


Nicola Delasalle
Havas Edge


Kristy Pinand
Kingstar Media


Niya Doncheva
Media Partners Worldwide


Paul Rothstein
PCR Marketing, LLC


Mandy Durbin
T Media Sales


Tom Sheppard


Anat Freed
Kingstar Media


Rick Shiu
InQuest Communications


Caitlin Haire
Cannella Media


Debbie Skerly
A2B Fulfillment


Travis Kemmer
Applied Perceptions LLC


Eric Stracener
Thill Inc.


Justin Kilgore
Evolve Teleservices


Andrea Stuhley
Motivational Fulfillment
& Logistcs

John Yarrington
Response Representative for the Membership Committee

[email protected]




TV Everywhere Committee

DRMA TV Everywhere Committee
This committee — which consists of leaders from the agency, network, and new media spaces — is tasked with helping the DRMA face and play a crucial and innovative role in the expanding media, technology, and commerce universe.

Sheb Alahmari
VP Media Sales

Gregory Silvano


Scott Berger
DISH Media Sales


Jeff Lazkani
Icon Media Direct


David Bickford


Amy Leifer
AT&T AdWorks


Erin Cohen
Screenvision Media


Kevin Lyons
Opportunity Media


Kendra Elliott


Declan O'Connor
Discovery Communications


Doug Garnett
Atomic Direct


Michael O'Connor
Horizon Media


Michaela Giovengo


Sylvester Phifer


Joseph Gray


Shani Reardon
Modus Direct


Kris Johnson
Mercury Media


Lee Warpack
T Media Sales

John Yarrington
Response Representative for the TV Everywhere Committee

[email protected]



Click here to volunteer to serve on a DRMA Committee


DRMA Committee Guidelines

  1. To be eligible to serve on a DRMA committee, all volunteers must be employed by a member company — in good standing — of the DRMA.

  2. DRMA committee memberships are granted on a volunteer, first-come, first-served basis. DRMA committee members are appointed and/or relieved of duty at the discretion of the leadership of the DRMA.

  3. DRMA committee membership terms are for 12 months, and are renewable for up to two additional 12-month terms per approval of DRMA leadership. A committee member must reapply at the end of each term to continue their service with the committee up to the three-year maximum.

  4. Each DRMA member company is allowed up to two active participants on DRMA committees at any given time. Each volunteer is allowed to serve on only one DRMA committee at any given time.

  5. Each DRMA committee will be led by a chair and vice-chair. These positions have a one-term limit. Each committee will decide on its own guidelines for selecting a chair and vice-chair.

  6. DRMA committee members will be expected to commit approximately 1-2 hours per month of direct service. Direct service will include a monthly phone conference. Additionally, up to four in-person meetings may be scheduled in conjunction with DRMA events in Chicago (March), San Diego (April), Southern California (July), and New York (December).

  7. Members of the DRMA TV Everywhere Committee must actively work for a network/station, MSO (multi-systems operator), MVPD, media agency, or new media technology company.

  8. Members of the DRMA Membership Committee must actively serve in the industry in a client-facing role (new business development, sales, etc.). Creating a committee-wide goal for driving new DRMA memberships will be among the first topics of discussion for the Membership Committee each service year.

  9. Members of the DRMA Education Committee will assist with content concepts for Response Expo and DRMA educational materials and events only.

  10. Membership in the DRMA Membership Committee and TV Everywhere Committee will be capped at 25 persons. Membership in the DRMA Education Committee will be capped at 15 persons.

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