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2013 DRMA MOY Nominee - Positec USA


10130 Perimeter Pkwy Suite 300
Charlotte, NC 28216



Top three reasons for  your company's success during the past year:
Lifecycle Management: 2013 marked the relaunch of our flagship product, the WORX GT, as the WORX GT 2.0. The combination of a fresh, new show and product improvements, such as a better battery, improved versatility and ergonomics have sparked a renewed interest in the product — so much so that we have actually exceeded our initial sales forecast by more than 15 percent.

New Product Development: One of the benefits of having product development, engineering and manufacturing under one umbrella is our ability to launch new and innovative products in a timely fashion. Set for a 3Q 2013 launch, the WORX Air has been turned around from a prototype to a fully integrated long-form campaign in just eight months.

Media Strategy: We continue to use multiple agencies for our long-form campaigns. Because of this strategy, we are able to manage our media like a stock portfolio, constantly shifting our dollars to the strongest performing agency. This truly has transformed our long-form business. In addition, we have been very effective in not only using short-form to drive retail, but in using long-form as well. In fact, this year, one of our products was not moving off of retail shelves at all. We designed a long-form campaign that: 1) mitigated our loss due to the direct orders we received; and 2) increased retail sales by more than 100 percent, making our retailers more than satisfied.


Company's accomplishments in the DR industry in the past 12 months:
The continued success of the WORX GT is impressive. This campaign initially launched in 2007, and it continues to be our most successful DRTV campaign on an annual basis. The relaunch as the WORX GT 2.0 in 2013 has been incredibly successful. The new show increased our responses by more than 20 percent and the improved functionality and performance makes it a leader in the category. Also, our brand loyalty is second to none. People that have WORX products want the whole family of products and love to upgrade to the latest and greatest, a real accomplishment in a competitive category.

Campaign 1 Product: WORX GT 2.0


Campaign 2 Product Name: WORX JawSaw


Campaign 3 Product Name: WORX Trivac


Campaign 4 Product Name: WORX SD Driver



Campaign 5 Product Name: WORX Air


Other Campaigns: Rockwell Bladerunner, Rockwell Versacut