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2012 DRMA MOY Nominee - Torstar Media Group Television


44 Frid Street
3rd Floor
Hamilton, ON L8N 3G3  Canada



Top three reasons for  your company's success during the past year:
1. TMGTV’s Product development and sourcing team has fuelled TMGTV’s ability to take advantage of all DRTV channels.  In the past 24 months, this team has enlisted best practices in assessing mass market trends and matched those to products creating global brands.

2. As a result of the product sourcing team, TMGTV has been able to tap into all DR channels accessing 42 countries worldwide using multi-pronged approaches for products including:   •Live Shopping – currently there are 46 active skews across 10 different consumer categories in several countries worldwide •At the time of submission, there are currently 5 separate active Direct to Consumer TV campaigns running in North America which have strong online components including database marketing. •At this time, TMGTV has 26 active retail SKUs in major retailers across North America.

3. TMGTV's most successful product to date was from a non-traditional DRTV category. TMGTV focused on the great product with a well written, reality-TV based infomercial concept featuring real women and the product owner as host.  As a result TMGTV was able to create a globally successful infomercial that continues to resonate with women in countries all over the world.


Company's accomplishments in the DR industry in the past 12 months:
TMGTV established a brand new DRTV category.  TMGTV’s Ahh Bra experienced unparalleled growth and their international partnerships made Ahh Bra easy to successfully transition internationally.  Ahh Bra was not only a huge success in North America but became a universal success across global markets.  The DRTV marketing component in North America coupled with a strong retail presence in both countries and TMGTV's online marketing strategies have built Ahh Bra into a brand that is now recognized around the world in Direct to Consumer, online and with major global retailers.


Campaign 1 Product: Ahh Bra