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2012 DRMA Moy Nominee - Thane Direct, Inc.


5255 Mississauga
Ontario, Canada L4W5M6



Top three reasons for  your company's success during the past year:
Thane Direct, under the stewardship of CEO Amir Tukulj is a marketer with unparalelled skill. But more than that, Tukulj and Thane created and helped build markets for DR where none existed before. From the Middle East to Latin America, from Asia to Europe, Tukulj has been virtually in-market throughout the world to build wholly-owned shopping channels and establish in-market Thane sourcing and distribution operations. If international marketing were to have a name, that name would be Amir Tukulj and his company, Thane Direct.


Company's accomplishments in the DR industry in the past 12 months:
In the past year, Thane continued its successful drive to establish on-the-ground, full-service product development and marketing organizations, while recruiting the region's absolute top product professionals. This past year Thane has increased its in-market presence in Germany, Scandinavia, Mexico and France, among other core global markets. The company has enjoyed record sales in DR and home shopping, and further advanced its retail distribution and retail ownership operations. The company introduced several new top-selling products, launched new wholly-owned full-service offices, and brought aboard major DR executives with extensive backgrounds in all facets of DR, live shopping and retail.


Campaign 1 Product: H20 MOP X5


Campaign 2 Product: Aire Bra