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2012 DRMA MOY Nominee - BOSLEY



9100 Wilshire Blvd.
East Tower Penthouse
Beverly Hills, CA 90212



Top three reasons for  your company's success during the past year:
1. New Creative Campaign. With a focus on an artful blend of science and emotion to attract new interest, Bosley was able to redevelop its brand and infuse a revised creative theme throughout all of our DR mediums within 12 months. Launching a fresh creative approach to a well-established, branded medical practice is no easy undertaking; and to do so in 12 months was a significant industry landmark success.

2. An improved understanding and implementation of our patient follow-up strategies. Patient communication and education is extremely important in the development of a cosmetic surgery brand.  irect Response is not just the front end of a campaign; it has become part of the whole patient communication experience at Bosley. Significant changes in the use of technology, creative and communication strategies enabled successful double-digit growth within our overall patient acquisition and retention program.

3. It sounds too generic, but simply peeling back the existing silos in an organization to form a better medical practice. As the largest medical practice in the hair restoration industry and secondarily a Direct Response Marketer, Bosley underwent organizational re-development across all departments in order to cohesively build a better patient experience. By working together inter-departmentally to understanding our patients’ desires, a focus on first-class patient experience developed. Enabling each functional department to learn/work with the other more transparently, ultimately allowed us to better implement what we do best, helping more patients as The World's Most Experienced Hair Restoration Expert.


Company's accomplishments in the DR industry in the past 12 months:
Bosley, a pioneer in the DR industry since 1974, has re-invented itself in the last 12 months through DR, in turn, helping more patients achieve hair restoration than any other time in our 38 year history. This recent success was accomplished through a complex and balanced re-launch of all DR mediums (TV, Print, Web, DM, Mobile, Call Center). By balancing our re-launch across all DR mediums, Bosley was able to increase total consumer interest, while at the same time leveraging and offsetting market fluctuations. Ultimately, this DR diversification enabled Bosley to generate a record number of inquiries, consultations and procedures.    


Campaign 1 Product: Long Form - Bosley Up Close & Personal






Campaign 2 Product: Short Form - Choices #3