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2011 DRMA MOY Nominee - Hampton Direct, Inc.


Hampton Direct, Inc.  291 Harricane Lane  
Williston, VT 05495
(802) 876.1594

Top three reasons for your company's success during the past year:
1.  We maintain total control of each product from start to finish.  At Hampton Direct we manage every single aspect of product design, development, manufacturing and marketing in-house.  Our marketing team is completely engaged from concept to engineering to graphic design, ensuring a level of consistency and product quality that is evident in every product we bring to market. This creates a sense of ownership, synergy and passion that is evident in our company culture and contributed to an unprecedented 60 percent success rate.

2.  We build brands with staying power. Our goal is to develop brands. We are diligent about expanding the longevity of our successful items -- not just completing one and moving onto the next. And while we have stayed true to our core strength of successfully marketing traditional DR products, we are now building brands in the fastest growing segment of our industry, with Pajama Jeans apparel line. Our brand positioning “Where Style Meets Comfort” was paramount in Pajama Jeans success story; it resonated with women of all ages and economic background. The product and campaign spoke to today’s busy women.  Whether it’s running errands, taking the kids to school or the bus, traveling or having lunch with a friend – Pajama Jeans gives you permission to look great and feel comfortable at the same time. With sales going strong for Pajama Jeans this year, we have already developed a variety of new styles for 2012 launch. Our Total Pillow brand already has 8 different styles/colors/sizes in retail.  

3. We bring "integrated marketing" to a new level. We consistently design campaigns that create an emotional bond with our consumers and bring those campaigns to life through advertising, social media and strategic PR. While it is not unique to supplement advertising with other strategies, we do so in a way that generates "surround sound" to our customers. We start with an aggressive media buying strategy to capture our targeted audience and developed enough visibility to ensure a successful retail sell through. When appropriate -- as in the case of PajamaJeans -- we step out of the norm and tap into pop culture to ignite and expand the brand.  Our focused  PR push  created an impactful media environment in  the country's top morning shows, TODAY and Good Morning America; inclusion in virtually the entire late night talk show circuit, (David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel & Jimmy Fallon); and features on some of the top women’s talk shows (The View, Nightline, & Wendy Williams), and ( NY Times & Wall Street News). It was nearly impossible for consumers, retailers, decision makers and influencers –to ignore our “push” to market strategy. We created consumers demand which leveraged our successful retail placements.    

Company's accomplishments in the DR industry in the past 12 months:

Pajama Jeans, now in 79,000 stores across America, was our milestone accomplishment.  We created an out of-the-box integrated marketing campaign making PajamaJeans the talk of TV hosts, celebrities and today’s women who embraced their comfort and style. In addition to Furniture Fix and Total Pillow continued to deliver strong TV and retail results as well.


Campaign 1 Product: Pajama Jeans
Launch Date: November, 2010
Units Sold - DTC: 400,000
Units Sold - Retail: 700,000 ytd/ projected over 2 million
Units Sold - Online: 230,000
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Campaign 2 Product: Furniture Fix
Launch Date: January, 2011
Units Sold - DTC: 700,000 ytd/projected 1.5 million
Units Sold - Retail: 500,000
Units Sold - Online: 320,000 
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Campaign 3 Product: Total Pillow
Launch Date: January, 2010
Units Sold - DTC: 300,000
Units Sold - Retail: 3 million
Units Sold - Online: 133,000 
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Other Campaigns: Dancing With The Stars, Hair extensions collection with Kym Johnson