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DRMA Putting Unity in Community

The DRMA is vibrant and growing marketing alliance with one singular focus: to serve and support marketing professionals that utilize performance-based, trackable and measurable marketing.

If you are responsible for a product or service that is sold and marketed to a consumer via direct response, digital or data-driven tactics, or if you are part of the supply chain that helps facilitate a marketing and sales campaign, then the DRMA is a vital organization to join.

The DRMA uses a combination of education and networking to foster clear channels of communication and transparent pathways to nurture long term relationships in a comfortable and neutral environment.

DRMA Voice
The Risks and Rules of Auto-Renewal     13 Oct, 2015

Article By: Jeffrey Richter

Many direct marketers adopt automatic renewal policies in connection with sales or lease programs...More>>

FTC Says You Can’t ‘Gag’ Truthful Negative Consumer Reviews     13 Oct, 2015

Article By: Gregory J. Sater

In September, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed suit against a marketer doing business as...More>>

Keep It Clean: Ashley Madison’s Lessons for Marketers     8 Sep, 2015

Article By: Justin E. Pierce, Jeffrey D. Knowles

The seemingly irreparable reputational damage and ruinously expensive litigation that follow data...More>>

‘Mole Detective’ Exposes Continuing FTC Rift Over Ad Regulation     8 Sep, 2015

Article By: William I. Rothbard

Once again, Republican Federal Trade Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen has taken her colleagues in the...More>>

Foot Locker E-Mail Anti-SPAM Case Dismissed     8 Sep, 2015

Article By: Arthur Yoon, Jeffrey Richter

California may have the nation’s most aggressive anti-SPAM law. California Business & Professions...More>>

Breaking News
50% of Those Younger Than 32 Won’t Be Viewing Pay TV in 10 Years     14 Oct, 2015

News By: Doug McPherson

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Forrester Research is reporting some eye-opening news about eyes closing to...More>>

NRF: Holiday Growth to Hit 3.7%, but Lots of Variables in Play     14 Oct, 2015

News By: Doug McPherson

WASHINGTON – The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that total holiday sales will increase...More>>

Lawmakers Seek Stronger Do-Not-Track Standards     14 Oct, 2015

News By: Doug McPherson

WASHINGTON – Lawmakers have told the Internet standards group World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)...More>>

Report: OTT Market Reaches 90% of Digital Video Viewers     14 Oct, 2015

News By: Doug McPherson

NEW YORK – The number of streaming over-the-top (OTT) video viewers in the United States may...More>>

Cross-Channel Befuddling Marketers     14 Oct, 2015

News By: Doug McPherson

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Marketers aren’t hitting the mark in cross-channel marketing, says a new...More>>

DRMA Spotlight
DRMA Corporate Profile: Fresh, Creative Thinking and More Than $1 Billion in Sales     1 Sep, 2015

Article By: Sean K. Fay

At Envision Response Group, we understand that DRTV is changing and that it’s more important than...More>>