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Tablet Ads Boast Better Interaction Rates Than Phones

7 Mar, 2012 By: Jackie Jones

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Tablet advertisements may be more inviting to consumers than those on mobile phones, according to the latest research from mobile video ad network Rhythm NewMedia.

Full-page display ads on tablets enjoyed a 21-percent engagement rate, versus a 9.4-percent rate for the same exact spots on smartphones, Rhythm NewMedia said in its fourth-quarter report. In addition, full-page ads that included an in-stream video – often better supported aesthetically by tablet-sized screens – saw an 11.5-percent engagement rate, a 22-percent increase the 9.4-percent engagement rate of full-page ads without streaming video, according to Rhythm’s report.

“Completion rate is the single, most-important metric when talking about mobile video, which is what marketers should care about,” Lisa Abramson, director of marketing at Rhythm NewMedia, said to Mobile Marketer. “Marketers can include in-stream videos and full-page ads to increase the engagement of their mobile campaigns.”

Rhythm’s research comes on the heels of a variety of other reports of tablets and smartphones’ increasing influence on the market. Twenty-four percent of tablet owners and 11 percent of smartphone users report clicking on an ad they’ve viewed on their respective devices to learn more, according to Nielsen Co., suggesting that doubling the screen size does in fact make a difference. Google also recently determined device types could influence purchasing behavior, with consumers using smartphones to contact a retailer, and tablets to read product reviews and look up information in a more interactive way (Response This Week, Feb. 22, 2012). 

“We know consumers love their mobile and tablet devices, but we are just beginning to develop a strong understanding of how they engage with these devices as they make their purchase decisions,” Google said on its official Mobile Ads Blog. “Consumers who owned tablets read product reviews and looked for product information more from their tablet devices than from their desktops or smartphones,” Google said. “This is likely due to the combination of the large screen and portability of the device that enables consumers to use it more often and in more places. Consumers are carrying tablets with them to the couch, while in the kitchen, and even to bed.”

Abramson advised marketers they have a great amount of opportunities for engagement through mobile platforms, according to the Mobile Marketer report.

“In 2012, I think we will see a divergence of premium video from long-tail and user-generated content with a shift in demand and pricing,” she said. “Premium content will be more in demand on smartphones and tablets going forward.”

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