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Net Gains: Is Your DRTV Search Program 'Momified'?

1 Oct, 2012 By: Irv Brechner Response

Is your DRTV Search Program "Momified"?It’s a well-accepted fact that women overwhelmingly make decisions about purchasing products for the home — especially products for cooking, cleaning and furnishing.

Many also think that women are not as tech savvy as men, and — consequently — tech-related marketing is often directed at men. This may create a disconnect and result in sales being lost to marketers who have “momified” all of their marketing efforts — both offline and online. Recent stats from an infographic from will probably be an eye opener for most folks reading this column:

  • 85 percent of moms visit Facebook daily
  • 54 percent visit Google+ daily
  • 50 percent own a smartphone
  • Moms spend an average of 24 hours a week online (more than three hours per day)
  • 71 percent look for product discounts and recipes while online
  • About 60 percent research family activities and look for health information
  • 58 percent visit Pinterest and 47 percent Tweet
  • 47 percent read or write blogs
  • 38 percent manage family photos online

And, by age two, the children of these moms are already becoming tech savvy: 34 percent have used laptops, cellphones or smartphones; 30 percent have used a digital camera; and 21 percent have used an iPod.

Given that moms truly are tech savvy, what does this mean for DRTV marketers who also run online acquisition programs, including paid search?

Get in Sync With Moms

To learn what moms are feeling, saying and doing:

  • Talk to moms, visit “mommy blogs” and mom-oriented web sites. Take the time to learn what moms are saying about products, marketing, services, advertising and your company and products and/or services. It’s all out there in cyberspace, and it’s easy to find.
  • Form an online and/or in-person focus group to determine what’s important to moms and use that information in your marketing and advertising plans.

Formulate a Plan

Next, distill what you’ve learned into a plan that you believe will resonate with moms. This plan should cover at least these three areas:

  • Offers/discounts. We know that moms are on the lookout for great deals. Take offers, discounts and pricing into account when formulating an offer. To some degree, DRTV marketers already do that by creating “I gotta have it” irresistible offers. Take the time to review and make sure you’re putting out the best possible offer, especially in relation to your competitors.
  • Family appeals. Since, by definition, moms are buying products and services for their families, figure out what appeals and claims are going to resonate the most with moms. Are they more concerned with price than anything else? How important are genuine testimonials, guarantees, etc.?
  • Language and graphics. Speak the language that moms speak. All of your written and verbal words and graphics, both in the commercial and on your website, need to be focused on the language that moms use. No, it’s not some foreign dialect, but it’s different than what you might say to a male audience.

Think of this process as “momification.” Take a look at all touch points of your entire customer acquisition program and make sure it’s all “momified.”

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