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Net Gains: Digital Age Stimulus/Response: Are You There When They Respond?

1 Aug, 2012 By: Irv Brechner Response


Irv BrechnerIt used to be that consumers responded to short-form spots and infomercials by phoning or mailing in a check. Then along came the Internet, adding websites and search as response channels. Today, the number of venues on which consumers can respond and react to DRTV has exploded. The big question for every marketer is: Are you there when they respond? And should you be?

Below is a good top-level list of response mechanisms, organized by category that follows the infographic at right. Whether a consumer is ready to buy or needs more information, here are the ways he/she can respond:

DRTV Response Mechanisms

With all of these options to respond, you need to prioritize them based on your business. While it would be nice to be everywhere, being everywhere might not be the best approach. Many of these are no-brainers:

  • Search. Every single DRTV campaign needs to have a supportive search program. If you don’t, you’re paying for customers who go to your competitors’ sites who do have a search program. Which search engines you use is another question. Google and Bing have the lion’s share, so you’ve got to have those two covered, while Yahoo!, Ask and others are also important.
  • Tell-a-Friend. With so many ways for consumers to spread the word, you’ve got to develop a program that encourages them to tell family, friends and colleagues about your product or service. A “tell-a-friend” button on your site and an incentive on the confirmation page are two common techniques. You may also want to suggest that they blog about your product, Tweet to their followers and post a review on any of the other social media sites.
  • Digital Age DRTVSocial Sites. With the explosion of social sites and their staggering numbers, having a presence, consistent with your website, is rapidly becoming a must. Check out the biggies — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube — as well as niche and specialty sites, to determine where you should have a presence. Look where your competitors are and make sure you’re there as well.
  • Stores. Clearly you need to have your own E-commerce site, unless you don’t sell direct-to-consumer. I’m sure you’ve seen the numerous “As Seen On TV” stores and other online stores that you may want to consider adding as outlets. You may also consider using affiliates, but if you do so, you need to make sure they don’t cannibalize your own paid search program.


Your response side of the stimulus/response story needs to be tailored to your own products. There’s no size that fits all. This should be part of a bigger strategy discussion when planning your next DRTV campaign. 


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