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Media Zone: Remarketing Stretches Your Campaign Dollars

1 Mar, 2014 By: Timothy R. Hawthorne Response

How to earn a first-time customer and reignite consumer interest with an online remarketing campaign.

In the offline advertising world, “frequency” — or, the concept that a consumer must see an ad multiple times over a specific period of time before actually making a purchase — is used to: 1) expose customers to a product or service; and 2) entice them to buy that product or service. The notion is basic: as you expose prospects to an item on a continuous and consistent basis, their likelihood of purchasing increases.

Online, “frequency” can be executed by using “remarketing” — a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site by showing them relevant ads across the Web as they continue consuming various content. When potential customers leave a site without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps the marketer connect with these potential customers again, thus achieving additional “impressions,” increasing the message frequency and likelihood of purchasing.

Also known as conversion marketing or cart abandonment E-mail marketing, remarketing can help DRTV marketers boost online sales. The recipe for success lies in using remarketing to match the right message to the right people at the right time. Add a piece of code (a “remarketing tag”) to all pages of a site, for example, and when shoppers come to the site, they’ll be added to a remarketing list.

Companies turn around and use those lists to reach out to potential buyers as they browse the Web, search on Google and more. Going deeper, marketers can also use remarketing to show ads to site visitors as they browse; display dynamically-created ads to specific recipients; and leverage mobile apps to reach customers that previously visited a specific area of a website.

You’ve probably already been targeted by another firm’s remarketing efforts. “If you’ve noticed that certain ads for products you previously viewed seem to follow you as you read the news or browse the Web, then you’ve seen remarketing in action,” says Kristina Cutura, a San Francisco-based search engine marketing expert.

“Remarketing campaigns help you show highly-targeted ads to remind visitors of your brand and speed up the sales process,” says Cutura, noting that organizations of all sizes are using remarketing to achieve those goals. “In the past, only big brands were savvy enough to implement remarketing, but now even small, local companies are using it.”

In fact, Cutura says any firm that isn’t using the advertising strategy is probably already missing out on sales and customer relationship opportunities. “When researching products and services online, customers visit numerous websites to compare different offers, and it’s easy to lose track of what you’ve looked at,” Cutura explains. “There is little loyalty online with limitless options. If your competitor capitalizes on that initial visit by following-up with a remarketing ad with a compelling call-to-action, and you don’t, they’ll have a better chance of making that sale.”

To avoid this challenge, Cutura says DRTV marketers can kick off their remarketing initiatives through an online platform like AdRoll or Google AdWords. From there, you’ll tag your website with the appropriate code, define exactly who you want to reach with your remarketing campaign, and then create a separate remarketing campaign for reaching those individuals.

“Segmenting whom you remarket to allows you to tailor your ads to visitors you already know are interested in your website,” says Cutura. “Customize messaging with personalized ads based on what content someone browsed on your website.”

For remarketing to be most effective, Cutura says companies must work to develop relevant ads. “Rather than presenting a generic ad,” says Cutura, “think about compelling offers that can help bring those visitors back to your website and reignite their interest.”

Remember, remarketing is all about frequency — the more often you are in front of your prospect, the greater the chance they will buy. How often will you need to serve them up a reminder ad before converting them? Three times? Five, 10, 20? It’s all theoretical. But the ultimate effectiveness of frequency and remarketing is undisputed. ■


About the Author: Timothy R. Hawthorne

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