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IMS Top 50 Infomercials and Spots of 2011

1 Dec, 2011 By: Michael Pewterbaugh, Peter Zalla, Jennifer Muniz Response

Beauty Shines While Fitness Stays Strong in IMS Long-Form Top 50

Most of the top-performing infomercials of 2011 are established shows that are familiar to the Infomercial Monitoring Service (IMS) rankings. Beauty products have had a stronger presence in 2011 than in recent years, with four shows ranking in the top 10, including Guthy-Renker’s Wen (No. 1) and Meaningful Beauty (No. 5). The well-received Lifestyle Lift by Lifestyle Lift Holding Inc. finished at No. 2 (rising from No. 16 last year) and Radiancy’s no! no! rose 30 spots to No. 7. Other top shows in the category include: the Tria Laser (No. 25) by Tria Beauty; the InStyler (No. 33) by Tre Milano: Murad Resurgence (No. 42) by Murad; NuBrillance (No. 45) by NuBrilliance LLC; and MaxClarity by Stiefel Laboratories Inc. One show introduced in 2011 that has been performing well is a skin-care line targeting women with darker skin called Rx for Brown Skin.

Although there has been an increase of beauty products this year, the most dominant category, by far, is once again health and fitness. Beachbody turned out four strong contenders in this category, including P90X (No. 6), Insanity (No. 11), TurboFire (No. 16) and 10-Minute Trainer (No. 21). A pair of longtime winners performed well in 2011: Total Gym by Total Gym Fitness came in at No. 8; and Zumba by Zumba Fitness finished at No. 9.

Provida Life Sciences’ Body Makeover (No. 13) and Food Lovers Fat-Loss System (No. 17) earned top-20 rankings. Other products in this category that also ranked last year were Sensa Products’ Sensa (No. 14), TriVita’s Nopalea (No. 19) and Nutrisystem (No. 22) by Nutrisystem Inc. The new FIRM Express by GAIAM Inc. ranked No. 26; the new Ab Rocket Twister from Emson Direct finished No. 29; the Abdoer Twist by Thane Fitness came in at No. 34; Kettleworx by FitnessWorx ranked No. 40; and the new Metamorphosis by Anderson Private Training finished No. 44. Also, just released in 2011 is the new PT 24/7 with Billy Blanks by Direct Entertainment Media Group.

Overall, household products made up the third-largest category of infomercials in 2011. Euro-Pro’s Shark brand had another strong year with its Shark Navigator Lift Away (No. 4) and the original Shark Navigator, the Shark Steam Pocket (No. 10), the Shark Vac-then-Steam (No. 24) and the Shark Press & Refresh all scoring well. The Oreck Air (No. 32) by Oreck Direct, the EdenPURE (No. 49) by EdenPURE, and the Miracle Fireplace by Heat Surge all continue to air frequently. Oreck Direct also released the Oreck Graphite and Oreck Gold vacuum cleaners as new products in 2011. 

Ever-popular kitchen products continued to rank well in 2011, including the Nu-Wave Oven (No. 3) by Hearthware Home Products (the 2011 Direct Response Marketing Alliance Marketer of the Year award winner). The Ninja 1100 (No. 15) and the new Ninja Pulse by Euro-Pro, the new Super Wave Oven (No. 38) by Emson, FoodSaver System by Sunbeam Products Inc., the Magic Bullet and the new Baby Bullet by Capitol Brands, OrGreenic by TELEBrands and the Xpress Redi Set Go by GAIAM also performed well.

The new JawSaw by Worx, PowerNow Saw by Oregon PowerNow Tools, the Rockwell 3RILL and the Versacut by Rockwell, and the new Little Giant Xtreme by Little Giant Ladder Systems are all innovative tools that were released this year and marketed toward the do-it-yourself consumer. Other tools that continued to perform well this year include the Worx and the Worx Trivac by Worx Yard Tools, the Bladerunner by Rockwell, Kreg by the Kreg Tool Company, and the Paint Zoom by Paint Zoom.

Fashion products saw a striking rise in 2011, with the focus on ladies’ garments including the new Genie Bra (No. 12) by Tristar Products Inc., the New Body Shaper (No. 37), Curve Control Jeans and the new Shaping Tank by Kymaro, the new Comfortisse Bra by Ideal Living, the Ahh Bra (No. 27) by Torstar Media and Shear Enterprises, and the new Shear Control panty by Rhonda Shear.

Although there have been hundreds of new products released in 2011, only six new shows made the IMS Top 50 Infomercial Rankings for 2011: the Genie Bra, The FIRM Express, the Ab Rocket Twister, the Super Wave Oven, Metamorphosis, and Net10 by Tracfone Wireless Inc.


Measured from Nov. 1, 2010 through Oct. 31, 2011

Rank Product Name Marketing Company

1 Wen Guthy-Renker LLC

2 Lifestyle Lift Lifestyle Lift Holding Inc.

3 Nu-Wave Oven Hearthware Home Products

4 Shark Navigator Lift Away Euro-Pro LLC

5 Meaningful Beauty Guthy-Renker LLC

6 P90X Beachbody

7 no! no! Radiancy

8 Total Gym Total Gym Fitness LLC

9 Zumba Zumba Fitness LLC

10 Shark Steam Pocket Euro-Pro

11 Insanity Beachbody

12 Genie Bra Tristar Products Inc.

13 Body Makeover Provida Life Sciences

14 Sensa Sensa Products LLC

15 Ninja 1100 Euro-Pro

16 TurboFire Beachbody

17 Food Lovers Fat-Loss System Provida Life Sciences

18 Advertising Profits Visionary Strategies LLC

19 Nopalea TriVita

20 Wealth Without Risk Wealth Systems LLC

21 10-Minute Trainer Beachbody

22 Nutrisystem Nutrisystem Inc.

23 Humana Humana

24 Shark Vac-then-Steam Euro-Pro LLC

25 Tria Laser Tria Beauty Inc.

Rank Product Name Marketing Company

26 The FIRM Express GAIAM Inc.

27 Ahh Bra Rhonda Shear

28 Joyce Meyer Ministry Joyce Meyer Ministries

29 Ab Rocket Twister Emson Direct

30 Joel Osteen Ministry Joel Osteen Ministries

31 Hair Club Hair Club for Men Ltd.

32 Oreck Air Oreck Direct

33 InStyler Tre Milano LLC

34 Abdoer Twist Thane Fitness

35 CarMD CarMD

36 LIFE LIFE Outreach International

37 New Body Shaper Kymaro

38 Super Wave Oven Emson

39 Cash Flow Business Russ Dalbey

40 KettleWorx FitnessWorx LLC

41 Brainetics Brainetics LLC

42 Murad Resurgence Murad Inc.

43 Trudeau’s Free Money Free Money

44 Metamorphosis Anderson Private Training LLC

45 NuBrilliance NuBrilliance LLC

46 LifeLock LifeLock

47 NET10 TracFone Wireless Inc.

48 Profit From Real Estate Right Now Visionary Strategies LLC

49 EdenPURE EdenPURE

50 Cutlery Corner Cutlery Corner Network

Top Marketers Keep Short-Form Products Flowing in 2011

Icon Health & Fitness scored big in 2011 with the Pro-Form Ab Glider, featuring Elisabeth Hasselbeck — the top new product of the year and the top fitness product on the Infomercial Monitoring Service’s (IMS) top-50 short-form chart. The Pro-Form TDF also performed admirably.

Guthy-Renker’s Proactiv Solution had another strong year, another in a consistently long line of performances since 1995. Guthy-Renker employs an army of celebrity testimonials and runs a staggering number of different spots depending on the time of season and target market.

The Shake Weight by FitnessIQ not only performed well in direct response, but also has taken over retail shelves across the country. There are three different products: the original Shake Weight for women, Shake Weight for Men, and the new Shake Weight Pro that features adjustable resistance.

Hampton Direct — a Direct Response Marketing Alliance (DRMA) Marketer of the Year finalist — also had a strong 2011 with the ultra-popular Pajama Jeans leading the way. Hampton Direct’s Total Pillow, Wonder Hanger, Furniture Fix and Twin Draft Guard also enjoyed success.

TELEBrands launched a plethora of new products in 2011. Chef Basket, One-Second Needle, Aluma Wallet, Slice-O-Matic, Plaque Blast, Royal Ring, Comfy Control, Pasta Boat, Supreme 90 Day, Pet Rider, Snap-On Feathers, Robo Stir, Shed Pal, OrGreenic and Slim Away all had successful appearances in the IMS rankings.

Plymouth Direct had an eventful 2011, releasing Fast Brite to fix automotive headlamps. In addition, the Gyro Bowl has also performed well, saving one less mess for moms everywhere.

Hydroxatone made a major mark on the cosmetics category in 2011 with its self-titled product as well as Hydrolyze, Celtrixa, Instant Effect and Keranique.

Body by Jake’s Tower 200 features MMA great Randy Couture and has been quite successful turning doorways into a full body workout. In addition, Body by Jake just released IM Rings, featuring more over-the-door exercises.

Allstar Products Group had strong 2011 exposure following up the huge success of the Snuggie. Allstar introduced Forever Lazy as its cuddly, warm lounge wear. But Allstar’s real success was the breakout product Eggies, along with Perfect Meatloaf, Magic Mesh and Emery Cat. Allstar Marketing and Merchant Media also teamed up for Swivel Store and Style Snaps.

IdeaVillage Products Corp. promoted a large number of products that ranked on the IMS charts — topped by Easy Feet, Micro Touch Max and Yoshiblade. Other IdeaVillage spots on the charts included: Fushigi Ball, Criss Angel Magic Kit, Miyashi, Slim-T, HD Vision Ultras and Finishing Touch Lumina. IdeaVillage also just released Wuggle Pets in time for the 2011 holiday season.

Ontel’s success with Pillow Pets carried over from last year. The company also saw solid results from Miracle Socks and Cami Secret in 2011.

Tristar Products’ The Rack and WOW Containers had successful 2011 spot campaigns. Emson’s Solar Animal Repeller and Harvest Direct’s iRenew performed well in 2011, while Savvier’s Flirty Girl Fitness and Bender Ball should also be mentioned for their accomplishments in health and fitness.

Overall, 2011 proved to be a success for direct response spot marketers. In a time of constant pessimism, short-form direct response marketing shines as a beacon of success. Between the continued success of venerable brands and the impressive new products being launched, direct response advertising again achieved proven results in a time when accountability is everything.

Kitchen Products Rise, Fitness Products Fall in Short-Form

Infomercial Monitoring Service (IMS) saw more products in 2011 spots that are designed to cut consumers’ costs — including a 3-percent increase in short-form kitchen products compared to last year.

The Baby Bullet by Baby Bullet LLC appealed to environmentally conscious parents looking to provide babies with delicious and nutritious organic meals while stretching ever-shrinking dollars. Eggies from Allstar Products Group allows consumers to cook a perfect hard-boiled egg quickly and conveniently by eliminating the tiresome task of peeling the shells. Eggies ranked No. 30 in the IMS Top-50 short-form product ranking and continues to air weekly.

Another kitchen product that promised to make prepping vegetables easier than ever is the Slice-O-Matic from TELEBrands. This increasingly popular product is a new-and-improved version of good old slicer-dicers, and it consistently topped the weekly IMS spot rankings. The Perfect Meatloaf from Allstar Products Group cuts out the fat while cutting prep time in half. It was first detected in March 2011 and has been airing consistently since. Both StoneDine by StoneDine Cookware and non-stick OrGreenic by TELEBrands appeal to cooks of all skill levels because they are shown to be versatile, durable and easy to clean.

In recent years, pet lovers have become more concerned about pet health and well-being. Many products in 2011 that were geared toward pet lovers topped the IMS charts for weeks. Designed to help train dogs to walk on a leash, TELEBrands’ Comfy Control performed well, while the company’s Plaque Blast and Exceptional Products’ Plaque Attack continued to jockey for position in the weekly rankings. The Thunder Shirt, designed to be worn by anxiety-ridden canines during thunderstorms or when loud noises cause distress, was consistently ranked by IMS in 2011.

Consumers are conserving money and fixing more things around the home themselves. EX Moves by Allstar Products Group lends that extra hand when bulky furniture has to be moved. Furniture Fix by Hampton Direct helps to fix that old piece of furniture that just can’t be replaced yet, and it ranked No. 37 for the year. One-Second Needle by TELEBrands ranked No. 16 by promising viewers the confidence and convenience to fix any tear in no time. Flex Seal, with its attention-getting commercial, left viewers in awe as they cut the bottom of a boat out and replaced it with a screen door covered in Flex Seal to prove that it floats without leaking. These products each not only made it into the Top-50 short-form rankings for 2011, but also continue to sell in retail.

Health-and-fitness has always been a competitive category for new products. Consumers are always looking for the next new fad that will help them lose extra pounds fast. Yet in 2011, there were a decreasing number of these products seen in spots compared to last year. The Pro-Form Glider by Icon Health & Fitness was a huge success in 2011 ranking No. 2.

Another reliable company that has always offered great fitness equipment is Nautilus Inc. Its Bowflex Tread Climber ranked No. 12 in 2011. Other fitness products that appeared in the IMS rankings throughout the year are X-Factor by Weider Fitness and The Rack by Tristar Products.

Consumers still love diet plans that can help them control their eating habits at a reasonable price, such as eDiets and Biggest Loser by eDiets Inc. Well-known, heavy-hitting diet plans that have been helping people and seen in the weekly IMS rankings for years are Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem Advanced.

IMS top 50 SPOTs of 2011

Measured from Nov. 1, 2010 through Oct. 31, 2011

Rank Product Name Marketing Company

1 Proactiv Solution Guthy-Renker LLC

2 Pro-Form Ab Glider ICON Health & Fitness

3 California Psychics Outlook Amusements Inc.

4 eDiets eDiets Inc.

5 Shake Weight FitnessIQ

6 Pajama Jeans Hampton Direct

7 Select Comfort Sleep Number Select Comfort

8 magicJack magicJack

9 Hoveround Hoveround Corp.

10 Lipozene Obesity Research Inst.

11 Nutrisystem Advanced Nutrisystem Inc.

12 Bowflex Tread Climber Nautilus Inc.

13 Total Pillow Hampton Direct

14 Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Pedic

15 Chef Basket TELEBrands

16 One Second Needle TELEBrands

17 ZQuiet ZQuiet

18 Hydrolyze Hydrolyze

19 SunSetter Awnings SunSetter Products

20 Flex Seal Flex Seal

21 Mint Evolution Robotics

22 Wonder Hanger Hampton Direct

23 Fast Brite Plymouth Direct

24 Biggest Loser Inc.

25 Astonish Maturo Media LLC

Rank Product Name Marketing Company

26 Neat The Neat Co.

27 Tower 200 Body By Jake

28 Easy Feet IdeaVillage Products Corp.

29 InventHelp InventHelp

30 Eggies Allstar Products Group

31 Nail Perfect Smart Inventions

32 Celtrixa Hydroxatone LLC

33 Ahh Bra Ahh Bra

34 Jenny Craig Jenny Craig Inc.

35 Perfect Situp Perfect Fitness

36 Weight Watchers Weight Watchers Intl.

37 Furniture Fix Hampton Direct

38 Aluma Wallet TELEBrands

39 Hydroxatone Hydro-Skin LLC

40 Baby Bullet Baby Bullet LLC

41 Vibration Tri-Phoria Church & Dwight Co. Inc.

42 2011 Gold Buffalo Coin National Collectors Mint

43 Dropps Simoniz USA

44 Slice-O-Matic TELEBrands

45 X-Factor Weider Fitness

46 Sobakawa Pillow National Express

47 Micro Touch Max IdeaVillage Products Corp.

48 iRenew Harvest Direct

49 OxiClean Church & Dwight Co. Inc.

50 Dragon Nuance Communications


About the Author: Michael Pewterbaugh

About the Author: Peter Zalla

About the Author: Jennifer Muniz

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