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En Español: Setting Consumer Trends in 2013 and Beyond

1 Mar, 2013 By: Denira Borrero Response

Hispanics are the tipping point for marketers.

Hispanics currently make up 17 percent of the U.S. population, but they are also 10 years younger on average, purchase more products from their mobile devices and engage in social media outlets more than non-Hispanics. Because of their shopping habits, they are now estimated to make up more than 20 percent of Wal-Mart’s and other discount retailers’ customer base and spend more on an average shopping visit compared to the general market. They love the shopping experience and love talking about it (in Spanish and English) with their friends, family and online social networks.

The fastest growing demographic segment in both size and spending power, Hispanics have been coined America’s “super-consumers” of the next decade. Not only have they shown, recently, to be the tipping point for a U.S. presidential election and key policy reform, but they can also be the tipping point for making or breaking a campaign, brand or retailer.

How to Reach Them

Media consumption behaviors have evolved quickly with this segment and, in many respects, have leapfrogged online/mobile device usage of non-Hispanic consumers.

Because of the strong cultural and language connection, Spanish language offline media is still the best driver to reach this segment as a mass market. However, it is becoming clear that integrating an online presence both in English and Spanish will close the sale for this group.

What to Keep in Mind

Following are some trends and strategic considerations when planning an integrated Hispanic media strategy:

  • An in-language website presence is a must. If you are running Spanish language DR media, an in-language website complementary to your English site is necessary. Hispanics will research your product/service online even if they decide to call in or shop at retail. The sites should toggle easily between English and Spanish and be mobile friendly.
  • Optimize search engine presence. Because most consumers use search engines (versus directly inputting a site address into a browser), buying a short list of relevant keywords in Spanish that direct them to the in-language site will capture incremental sales. Moreover, keywords in Spanish usually cost less because of less competitive bidding than in English.
  • A testing ground for iTV, mobile and social media. Since Hispanics are over-indexed in the usage of these “newer” media channels, they can serve as a perfect testing ground to launch new products and marketing strategies while lowering overall investment risk.
  • Focus on over-indexed categories for long-term planning. Hispanics are significantly more likely to buy in certain categories, such as health and beauty, haircare, fitness, family entertainment, food preparation, music, telecom services and baby products. Marketers in these categories that look to the Hispanic consumer will have a competitive advantage.
  • Get expert opinion on creative strategy. Many companies make avoidable mistakes when developing advertising creative targeting this market. Spend the time to seek out Hispanic marketing experts to provide insight into the best approach.
  • A holistic approach to ROI measurement is critical. Sales results gained from running Spanish-language media is realized not only through your Spanish call center and website but even more so through your English language websites, retail sales in all markets, and even through English language call centers. ■

About the Author: Denira Borrero

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