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Editor’s Note: Pharma/Supplement Marketers Provide Incredible Response Solutions

1 Jun, 2013 By: Thomas Haire Response

Thomas HairePerhaps, dear reader, you’ve noticed that June marks the third consecutive month that Response has featured a marketer from the pharmaceutical/vitamin/supplement space on its cover. And while all three marketers — Peter Boutros at Quten Research, Charles Mooney at Vitaquest and, this month, Blake Hawley at Meda Consumer Healthcare — come at marketing from different angles and with different goals, one thing ties them all together: the absolute need for their marketing to have a measurably driven response from consumers.

In recent years, as Response has expanded its focus across the direct and digital marketing world, there are a few vertical sectors that have shown themselves to be leaders in combining different media and messaging into powerful multi-channel direct and branding campaigns. But perhaps no market symbolizes the expansion of the power of response-style marketing across all media, while at the same time facing so many of the varied challenges borne of this type of marketing, than the pharmaceutical and supplements space.

Perhaps that’s why the stories of these marketers continue to intrigue our readers: marketers in this space face more regulatory restrictions on their marketing than just about any other category; consumer satisfaction on every level of a campaign is crucial, as more pharma and supplement marketers are targeted by dissatisfied consumers than those in just about any other space; and the agility necessary to take advantage of all media — from television to digital and, now, mobile and social — is even more pronounced than in other verticals.

Certainly, marketers in the beauty, health and financial services sectors can make a solid claim to having to face a number of these issues head on in a marketing world more controlled by the consumer than ever before. But what makes a story like Quten — a supplement brand that went from founding to top-5 in category in Wal-Mart in five years — or Meda — which is reviving long-lost brands like Vivarin and Geritol right before our eyes with response-based campaigns — so interesting is that every marketer can truly learn from at least one of the challenges they’ve faced.

I urge you to flip to page 24 now to learn about Hawley and Meda’s recent campaigns — and then continue on to hear more about some of the specific challenges faced by pharma and supplement marketers. Even if you’re marketing a $10 knick-knack or a series of DVDs, I’m nearly certain that you’ll be able to pick up a new idea or two that can help your campaigns — no matter the medium or the message.

— Thomas Haire, Editor-in-Chief

Twitter: @THrants

About the Author: Thomas Haire

Thomas Haire

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