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Editor’s Note: Jobs' Creativity Paves the Way for Forward-Thinking Marketers

1 Oct, 2011 By: Thomas Haire Response

Thomas HaireUpon landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 5 — returning from the annual Direct Marketing Association (DMA) event in Boston — I did what I always do at touchdown: I turned on my iPhone to check E-mail. Within moments, it had become clear that the person most responsible for putting that revolutionary communication device in my hand had died.

At that moment, I became one of the millions who found out about the death of Apple’s Steve Jobs while using one of his products. From online and mobile news sources to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, word of Jobs’ passing spread rapidly — likely in a way that Jobs himself would have found mesmerizing.

After all, the technology breakthroughs this one man and his company have been responsible for in the past three decades also are indirectly responsible for the creative atmosphere in the space that spawned the social media craze. That news of the passing of this man who had almost singlehandedly changed how we communicate would reach me via an outpouring of grief at his passing and celebration of his life on the Twitter for iPhone app simply made sense.

The digital and mobile landscape has truly become a “community center” of the 21st century. A good friend of mine recently remarked on his Facebook page that Mark Zuckerberg’s social media behemoth had become the “water cooler” for those who work from home offices. It’s a contention that is hard to dispute. The melding of the creations of those like Jobs, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone has changed both interpersonal and marketing communications forever.

In these pages during the past year, we have done our best to help lead the way for direct response marketers in recognizing and including the latest social and mobile marketing concepts that fit within the goals of DRTV and other traditional direct response mediums (yes, a Web DR campaign is now considered “traditional” in the halls of Response). While some scoff at social media’s “immeasurability” issues or mobile marketing’s extended infancy in the U.S., there’s no doubt that the growth of these outlets — and their importance on the DR landscape — will only add to the best marketers’ arsenals.

The sooner you invest your time and resources in understanding how these new media outlets can help you, the better you will be when they begin to boom.

With that, let me become the 1 zillionth journalist to “thank” Steve Jobs. Personally — as I write this on the Mac in my office, while listening to music on iTunes and recharging my iPad — you’ve added much to the quality of my life. Professionally, you have created an atmosphere of creativity and an unending landscape of possibility for the marketers I cover to grow their businesses. And that’s pretty damned cool.

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Thomas Haire

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