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Editor’s Note: A Change in Focus Doesn’t Mean a Change in How We Tell Stories

1 Jul, 2017 By: Thomas Haire Response

On an average day at my desk — like today, for instance — you can find me listening to just about every type of music (save the horror of current-day “bro-country”) via iTunes or Spotify. As a lifelong music fan, I’ve long shared with family and friends one of key things I believe makes for the best song lyrics.

I bet a number of them could tell you what it is — some even word for word: “A lyric that’s specific to the songwriter’s experience that’s expressed in a way that anyone, anywhere can apply it directly to their own.”

This idea applies to just about any writing — prose to poetry, fiction and non-fiction. And I’d guess it’s no shock to read this from someone who makes the bulk of his living as a writer and editor.

However, I’ve found myself thinking about writing and storytelling more often than usual, of late. It’s probably natural, given that journalism is under fire from forces that would find the ultimate advantage in making the masses believe that all news — all reporting, all writing, all editing — is somehow “fake.”

Toss in the fact that I serve in the trade journalism space, with its own set of standards that are often believed to be (and sometimes are) looser than other areas of the profession, and I’d be remiss not to consider my role not only at this publication, but also in the industry we serve, as well as the wider world.

Response is — like much of the marketing world it covers — in a time of transition. We’re exploring new media opportunities, tackling new technologies, and tracking commerce wherever it happens. We’re digging for information to bring in new readers, and seeking out new advertisers — while still committed to serving those who’ve been with us for the past quarter-century.

During the coming months, we believe you’ll notice more expressly the transition Response has been making for years now. We’re going to make it clearer in the topics we choose, the way we write about them, and the manner in which we present them. If you have questions or thoughts as we move through this phase, know that my mailbox ( and Twitter feed (@THrants) are always open to you.

The only way we can succeed in this transition while bringing our long-time supporters with us into this emerging — and likely lucrative — space is for you to trust the stories we’re telling, and gain knowledge from them that helps you grow your businesses. That’s what won’t change: from our news coverage to our in-depth feature stories to the thoughts of industry leaders in our columns, we will continue to bring you specific and interesting stories with lessons and concepts you can apply to your business.

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Thomas Haire

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