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DR Gets Smart About Mobile

1 Jan, 2011 By: Nicole Urso Reed Response

Multi-channel advertising becomes a real life, sci-fi adventure thanks to the explosion of smartphones, with Apple, Android and Blackberry leading the way.


Don’t Make Them Think

Ease of use is the most important detail to consider when building a marketing strategy. Amazon and eBay apps are notably streamlined and clear of distractions.

Bob Greenstone, CEO of San Diego-based Permission Interactive, employed this philosophy when his company developed its new mobile platform, which launched in November. Rather than asking consumers to download an app, the technology reformats and optimizes a client’s Web site for mobile transactions when viewed on a smartphone.

“We’re not going out and doing mobile marketing to drive people from their iPhones to call in or go to a Web site,” says Greenstone. “Our primary focus is on capturing orders that people will naturally make using their smartphones.”

Yoshi Blade is one example. If a user visits on his or her computer or if he or she visits the Web site on a smartphone, the offer and upsells are the same, but the mobile experience highlights the upsell more prominently and makes it simple for the user to buy direct.

“That mechanism for ordering is here,” says Greenstone. “People are using their smartphones and their iPads to order stuff.”

How much stuff is debatable, but if the opportunity seems big enough, then figuring out how to introduce another channel into an existing campaign is the next big question.

“We’re all about trying to find multiple ways to present offers to customers, whether that’s via the telephone our IVR, live agents, mobile, social, affiliate marketing … all the things that we do to drive orders to our marketers like the Allstars and the TELEBrands of the world,” says Sam Gorewitz, vice president of sales at Washington D.C.-based Ignite Media.

“It’s one of many channels that we’re trying to expand with our customers,” he adds. “Will it be a huge piece of our business in 2011? Probably not. Will it be bigger than what it is today? Absolutely.” ■

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