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4Q 2011 Short-Form DRTV Media Billings Inch Higher

1 May, 2012 By: Jackie Jones Response

The year ends $250 million higher than 2010 results, and the average amounts spent on a campaign — both within and outside the top 40 — also enjoy healthy boosts.

Fourth-quarter 2011 short-form DRTV media billings provided by Kantar Media showed a slight uptick of $9.6 million, a 0.9-percent increase when compared to 4Q 2010. Though the increase is minimal, all four quarters this year maintained above-billion dollar levels, and the year’s total again topped the $4 billion mark.

This is in comparison to last year, when 2010 total results fell $200 million short of the year prior, and some quarterly totals dropped below $1 billion for the first time in three years.

Video Supplies Take a Hit

Nine of the 17 measured categories claimed gains, two more than in 4Q 2010. The “Apparel” category boasted the greatest dollar increase — $29.8 million, a 51.8-percent increase when compared to 4Q 2010. “Home and Building” also enjoyed a significant dollar boost of $26.2 million (62.2 percent). The “Multiple Category Ad” category led the percentage gainers, gaining 97.4-percent when compared to the same quarter of 2010.

The “Video Supplies and Equipment” category took an especially hard fall this quarter, suffering the worst dollar-on-dollar loss as well as the greatest percentage loss. Compared to 4Q 2010, the category dropped $37.9 million, a 73.5-percent dip. The “General” category also suffered hearty dollar losses, declining about $23.6 million (15.8 percent).

Hispanic Suffers Solo Loss

Four of the five outlets of media distribution posted gains in the fourth quarter, a vast improvement over 4Q 2010, when only one outlet saw gains. Network TV boasted the highest dollar and percentage gain, increasing $17.8 million (40.6 percent). Syndication followed close behind, increasing $15.2 million (21.8 percent) when compared to fourth quarter of last year. Hispanic Network TV suffered the only loss out of the five outlets of media distribution, dropping just less than $41 million, a 31.4-percent decline.

The total number of short-form DRTV campaigns aired in 4Q 2011 dropped by 115, a 9.1-percent decline when compared to 4Q 2010. However, the average money spent on a campaign — both within and outside the top 40 — jumped to encouragingly high numbers. The average amount spent on a campaign based on the total increased 9.9 percent to $899,946.14, the highest recorded since 2007. The average money spent on a campaign outside the top 40 also jumped significantly, increasing 5.9 percent to $445,769.18, the highest figure on record since 2005.

Bouncing Back to Billions

The top 40 campaigns accounted for 52.2 percent ($541 million) of 4Q 2011 totals, with the top 10 campaigns equaling $262.8 million. Both totals are higher than those recorded in the fourth quarter of the year prior, when the top 40 campaigns accounted for 50 percent and the top 10 campaigns equaled just more than $250 million.

The top 40 campaigns in 4Q 2011 included 21 new campaigns when compared to the same quarter of 2010. Proactiv Solution gained the No. 1 spot, bumping out 1-800-Contacts. Flex Seal claimed the highest ranking among 4Q 2011 newcomers — No. 4 — with $28.3 million in spending.

Though the economy continues to struggle, short-form DRTV continues to remain popular. Though the number of campaigns aired continues to decline slightly, it is a good sign for the short-form industry that annual totals continued to remain higher than $4 billion, and that spending continues to grow — a sure sign of returning confidence in the market.

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